ASIA UNCUT – 11:30PM, Star World (Channel 18)

You read my blog post about it yesterday, but here’s a little hint of what to expect in tonight’s airing of ASIA UNCUT on StarWorld @ 11:30PM…

A cheeky ménage à trois on stage between two guys, a girl and a strappy red jacket 😉

We ended the show with one fave stage illusion, Light & Space, which is not to be missed!


Click here for more pictures of J C & yours truly with Jon Niermann, the host of Asia Uncut. These pix above were taken during our taping of Episode 10 🙂

It’s pretty darn cool that the talkshow airs not just in the whole of South East Asia, but also in the Philippines, China & the Middle East! It’s absolutely no wonder that viewship boasts over 200 million!

Backstage, the show producer also shared with us that Asia Uncut had far higher ratings than Jimmy Kimmel LIVE. WOW! Now that’s just fantasic! Personally I feel so honored to be able to represent Singapore on this popular talkshow

Do tune in tonight at 11:30pm on Star World (Channel 18 on Starhub Cable) and catch us in action. Would love to hear your comments *grin*

Ta for now, more later…



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6 responses to “ASIA UNCUT – 11:30PM, Star World (Channel 18)

  1. winston ong

    Great interview on Asia Uncut! Nice illusion to end your segment. Good to see your straight jacket act again 😛

  2. Joseph

    Well done! 🙂 You guys did a wonderful job! Singapore is lucky to have talent like you!

  3. Mackieshark

    Congrats on a successful appearance on Asia Uncut! Light & Space is slightly different and better than from 5 star carnival. When is your next TV show?

  4. Davidloh

    I find the format of the show very choppy and the host is kind of ‘flat’ but you guys looked like stars and added variety to the show. You are great ambassadors of magic for Asia and I’m sure this will lead to better bigger things

  5. michelle

    You looked beautiful gal! The host seemed quite shy to strap you up. 😀 Now your straight jacket escape act has been seen by millions!

  6. They chopped up our interview quite a bit… I hope it made sense 😛 Central should be really happy with the PR mileage we are getting them. We should bill them.

    The new Light & Space choreography & music really work well. And, of course, Magic Babe is sizzling hot as usual 😉

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