Asia Uncut on Star World!

J C & yours truly will be on Episode 10 of ASIA UNCUT which airs this weekend on Star World, Asia’s largest regional network which boasts a very healthy viewership of over 200 million! Check us out on cable TV if you can 🙂 The various air-time for the episode where we’re Jon’s featured studio guests are:

15 May 2009, Friday, 11:30pm in South East Asia
15 May 2009, Friday, 10:00pm in the Philippines
14 May 2009, Thursday, 11:00pm in the Middle East

Repeat Times:

17 May 2009, Sunday, 10:00pm in South East Asia
17 May 2009, Sunday, Midnight in the Philippines & China

As some of you already know, J C & I are the very first illusionists ever featured on Asia Uncut, Asia’s only English speaking late-night talk show hosted by funny suave guy Jon Niermann… pretty much quite like what you’d get from folks like Jimmy Kimmel, Letterman, Leno and Conan O’Brien.

Previous guests on the talkshow included movie stars, musicians and celebrities such as Brendan Fraser, Ethan Hawke, Maggie Q, James Blunt, JJ Lin, Brian McKnight and Motley Crue. Click here for more info on what’s airing this week and scroll down for full details on who’s the other studio guests appearing on the show 😉

To view the above image properly, right click and select view image to maximize it on your screen 😉

So yes, don’t miss it… TUNE IN TOMORROW!!!!



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7 responses to “Asia Uncut on Star World!

  1. Jenny

    sigh, i don’t have cable tv.. and i’d probably be out tomorrow night.. hmm.. maybe i can watch it at my friend’s house on sunday. 😉

  2. Aaron

    and it’ll be an eye opener. considering the fact that i’ve never actually watched talkshows before.. cable tv has always been for sports and movies (for me that is).. :p

  3. Mackieshark

    Can’t wait! Joined your Facebook fanpage too 🙂 Love your new promo photo too 😀

  4. Elsonwee

    I don’t have cable 😦 Will you youtube the video?

  5. Joseph

    I’m looking forward to it. I’ve caught bits of Asia Uncut but unfortunately did not find all aprts entertaining but I’ll be sure to see what you and JC have up your sleeves.

  6. winston ong

    Wow! You guys are on Asia Uncut. Maggie Q and Brenden Fraiser have been on the show. Congrats! You are doing Singapore proud!

  7. Davidloh

    Very cool! you guys never cease to impress *shake head. Keep it up! Any more big shows coming up?

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