Magic Babe’s new promo photo…

TADAH!!!! What do you think? 😉

That’s yours truly, Singapore’s only professional female magician and escape artist, with her favorite katana blade in her new Daniel Yam dress and trusty leather boots.

Personally, I’m really happy with how it looks and I think Mok from Greyberry did an excellent job! I know this is probably very unlike your typical magician/ illusionists promo pics, but hey… we’re anything but typical! *grin*

By the way, do catch us on ASIA UNCUT on StarWorld this week on cable TV! The talkshow episode with J C & yours truly screens this Friday at 11:30 pm & Sunday at 10:00 pm, so do try to catch it if you can. You’ve read my blog entry about it prior… so now watch it now for REEL 😉



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7 responses to “Magic Babe’s new promo photo…

  1. Aaron

    i like the katana! i’ve always loved to play with swords and guns when i was young.. too bad i can’t get to play with the real things the way you do now..

  2. Deadly… sexy… magic babe! It is my screen saver now 🙂

  3. Frankie

    Wow! Really Magic Babe. Love the disco dance floor and lights. Great contrast to your dress and sword!

  4. lyong1969

    Really Hawt! Now I know why your magic is so powerful. Excellent misdirection! 😛

  5. michelle

    You look really good gal… as usual 😉

  6. ilovemagic

    I first saw the test pics on JC’s blog 🙂 The final shot is really nicely done. Sexy with a hint of lethalness with the sword…. but no magic element though…

  7. Joseph

    I really think you bring so much glamour to magic. It’s really cool that you can be sexy, yet still do great magic and have a successful show. All the best!

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