Magic in Motion

Check it out… we’ve been uploading these street magic videos on our Concept:Magic YouTube channel since we’ve had many people writing in to ask if they could check out our other TV content. More to come, but do let us know what you think if it 😉

Unlike J C’s Street Illusions, Mediacorp Channel 8 series on TOP FUN, which has been selling like hot cakes here and overseas, these are exclusive content… just for YOU 🙂 The whole series of short magic clips aired islandwide for about two years, courtesy of media giant SPHMBO.

Time truly flies… Though Bossman does appear younger in the featured magic clips, I definitely prefer his current spikey (read: gravity defying) hairstyle to the faddish one he sports in the videos *grin* Please feel free to rate/ comment!

Ta for now, more later…



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4 responses to “Magic in Motion

  1. Ade

    Oh yes, I’m so not used to seeing that hairstyle! 😛 I still rmbr hanging around Toa Payoh hub for a few hours just to see the clips, and i always only manage to catch two of them! =X Now i finally get to see the rest! 😀 WOOTS!

  2. Pam

    *LOL* let’s put it this way, he definitely looks better now! but the man’s brilliant. the coins “trick” is mind-boggling. btw, john’s a big fan of uncle JC! (not the industrial one, he qualifies). he wants to meet him! *LOL*

  3. ning

    Hurhurhurhurhur… more to come 😉

  4. Aaron

    it’s great that you are able to put in on youtube. rather than like screening on the large screens in hdb hubs, which less people pay attention to.. and i’ll be able to watch it as many times as i like! 😉

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