Bossman’s new promo photo UNVEILED!

Check it out… that’s my onstage partner J C Sum with our latest baby, 360 SAWING, a grand illusion that’s been given a one-of-a-kind, out of this world treatment. I think this simply looks uber cool with its contemporary sleek edges and funky design *grin*

Here’s an all-round view of this beaut!

We crafted it all in-house, isn’t it impressive 😉 I have seriously talented teammates in Concept:Magic!

Stay tuned for yours truly’s very own solo shot coming up soon… *wink* Like you, I also can’t wait!!!


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One response to “Bossman’s new promo photo UNVEILED!

  1. Aaron

    ooh, i like the design! the webby design looks really like spiderman! the legs or stands are very unique. nice!

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