A good Friday :)

Today’s been a very eventful Friday, and to be honest, truly one of the best days I’ve relished since I came back from my short but very much needed break in Cambodia. I still feel Siem Reap’s earthy spirit deep within me, something that lingers warmly and sincerely, despite being inevitably thrown back into the hectic pace of life here in this concrete jungle.

The day started with Dad, who’s back in Singapore, texting me about the big family dinner on Sunday night, to celebrate Mothers Day (with the extended family because I’d already took my family out for a nice buffet lunch at a hotel last weekend). It’s been awhile since I met Grandma so I do look forward to it.

Another piece of good news was that Mas Selamat (our country’s most popular dude – judging by all the posters of him plastered around Singapore) was caught in Malaysia on April’s Fool Day. I’m sure TalkingCock’s ingenious print and keep picture really helped them out 😉

I love the Phua Chua Kang one (what a sexy mole!!!), though the blonde Paris Hilton disguise does come a very close second 😉

Anyways! Lunch was a very enjoyable one in town with a theatre arts director friend, before we drove over to her new lofty office at Arab Street. I’m really excited about Zebra Crossing’s upcoming play Victor/Victoria which comes out in a couple of months. Laura Fygi the jazz star will be making her acting debut in Loretta’s production later this year *grin* And yes, you know what a big jazz fan I am, so it’s all good!

J C & I had two meetings this afternoon, and it was just awesome. Bossman agreed that they were extremely productive and yes, I’m really excited about these upcoming high-profile projects which I’ll give you more details about, closer to time *grin* But for now, they stay hush-hush… sorrrrrrrry!

My night ended with me catching Shakespeare in the park, with the BFF who texted me at the last minute if I was free after work, because she got free invites 🙂 We picked up a mat at the door and ordered pizza for dinner as we lay on the lawn of Fort Canning Park, enjoying SRT’s spin on the Bard’s classic play, "Much Ado About Nothing".

It was enjoyable, and the cast was excellent. Adrian Pang especially, was in his element. I also loved the set design and costumes, which was nothing Shakespearean at all because it was all very 1950s inspired Singapore! Do check it out before the play ends its run 🙂



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2 responses to “A good Friday :)

  1. Aaron

    oh man, it’s just so funny. the second last picture actually looks like a woman. i wouldn’t have guessed that “she” is mas selamat in disguise..

  2. Jack

    wow, sounds so nice! i’d love to enjoy a play like that too.. too bad i’m too busy these few weeks..

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