Catch Ultimate Magic: The Revolution FREE!


If you’ve signed up for our free MAGIC BOUTIQUE newsletter, you’d been informed quite recently that us generous folks will be giving away COMPLIMENTARY TICKETS for you to watch Ultimate Magic: The Revolution, Singapore’s only permanent illusion show, FREE!

That’s right, believe it… we’re giving away a pair of show tickets for the brand new season (worth S$76.00) with every S$90.00 spent here. Remember, when you support Magic Boutique, you celebrate and respect intellectual property in your stoic stand against piracy too. We only retail ORIGINAL products here from the creators themselves – no ripoffs, no bootlegs, no photocopies/ pirated discs/ whatsoever.

Click here now for the full details of our generous give-away 🙂 Tell your friends all about it! Also check out for more information on our on-going permanent illusion show at Clarke Quay, which the Singapore Tourism Board has officially endorsed as a ‘live’ attraction.

See you soon 😉



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2 responses to “Catch Ultimate Magic: The Revolution FREE!

  1. Aaron

    heyy, i signed up for the newsletter, but i didn’t receive anything! is it supposed to be weekly or monthly? or as and when there’s news?

  2. Jack

    oh yea, i’ve seen the newsletter. i’m getting hopeful again.. 🙂 i wanna win it this time.

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