Magic Babe’s new red hot corset costume…

Alrighty, so you may have read my previous blog entry about our photoshoot @ Greyberry but I didn’t show off my new costume in entirety. Well, now, here it is *grin* Introducing Magic Babe’s brand new spanky red hawt corset top… Meowrrrrr… 

That’s us with our latest baby, Shadow Vision, a grand stage illusion which we’ve totally funkified and made completely unique. As you can see, J C’s sliced to bits by yous truly (check out my Japanese sai & new ninja sword) and his head levitates just above the blade. I love the treatment as I totally dig its urban feel that’s so distinctively us but stay tuned for our (even yummier) solo pix comin up shortly…

But meanwhile! Please check out if you haven’t already done so 🙂

The brand new season of Singapore’s only permanent illusion show has already started, so click on the highlighted link above for full details/ new photos/ exciting videos/ ticket purchases/ and more on Ultimate Magic: The Revolution! Tell your friends all about it – and check out our J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning‘s Facebook fanpage regularly for contests and updates *grin* You may just be a lucky winner who takes home awesome goodies and then some 😉

Meanwhile, just a heads up that the 2 of us are featured again in KOZINE… Singapore’s No.1 Korean lifestyle & entertainment magazine! There’s show tickets to be won in their generous SMS contest, so look out for it *grin*

In case you’re unaware, our regular magic article in TEENS magazine this month talks about the excellent benefits which the art can give. Not just being popular and famous and rich and oh you probably know already, by just watching the fine human specimen that is Criss Angel. Hurhurhurhurhur…

J C & I also shared some personal snippets in the fullpage write-up, so do check it out. The monthly magazine’s widely available nationwide.

Before I sign off, I thought I should mention that we’ve recently been uploading many new magic and illusion videos online which you can easily check out @ our Concept:Magic channel on YouTube. Looking at them, it simply amazes me how far we’ve come… gosh, time certainly flies!!!

If you’re an agent/ booker or event organizer interested in an updated DVD compilation of our work, feel free to holler. We’ve got a new batch of promo materials professionally done up and can easily courier the lot over to your company. Personally, I’m really impressed with our new DVD menu and all the snazzy authoring works – besides the awesome content obviously! LOL…



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4 responses to “Magic Babe’s new red hot corset costume…

  1. lee

    Symbolic Ferrari Red associated with Fire & Power….great choice !

  2. Aaron

    red costume sorts of suits you.. somehow red and black suits most girls. especially performers like u.

  3. Jack

    haha.. the human specimen.. i’d really love to read the article. it’s in teens magazine? i’ll probably go and get one, though i’m no longer a teen by any standards.. 😡

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