The sexiest member from a marginalized minority…

Important lessons learnt from the recent AWARE saga can be read in a very well-written article here. There’s a wonderful bit in it where its author, Cherian George, states that Josie Lau and COOS company basically "smack of a cynical (but, sadly, historically effective) political ploy: win support from the masses by turning a marginalised minority into an object of fear. In many societies, the tactic would have worked. Governments lacking in moral courage are known to side with intolerant forces when they whip up mass sentiment against minorities."

I’m glad it’s all over and that we can all now work towards the greater good. But since we’re on the topic of the marginalised minority, well, forgive me for gushing but I’m so mooning over one super duper sexy member of a ‘marginalized minority’ who I’d simply describe in one word… YUMMY 😉 And it’s no other than …HUGH JACKMAN’S WOLVERINE

Okay, okay, take a chill pill… but seriously… in the Marvel Universe, mutants are also poor misunderstood folks too from a marginalised minority 😛 Look at this awesome human specimen and tell me square in the face that you don’t think the dashing man is HAWT. He’s more than hot, he’s simply divine… *swoon*

Oh yum… You can’t deny, he’s just INTENSE. Gotta catch the movie soon!!!



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5 responses to “The sexiest member from a marginalized minority…

  1. Ade

    Divine!!! And he’s got a superb physique besides the other…
    (that so doesn’t sound like Ade!)

    Anyways, i caught the movie already! Seems like the first time i caught the movie before you! Was great! cleared up loads of ?? for me (since i’m no marvel fan) and of course, Hugh Jackman!!! =p

    I think there’s now no way anyone else can take the cast for Wolverine if there’s any other sequel to the movie… Hugh Jackman = Wolverine!

    😀 😀

  2. BeMyAngels

    I thought you would like Gambit more since he’s choice of weapons are cards. haa.

  3. Aaron

    i watched it too, and it was really great! i liked to imagine myself as wolverine in the past.. his claws are like so cool!

  4. Jack

    gambit is way cooler.. especially his cards. woa man, with powers like that, who needs magic? :p just kidding. he’s definitely a first class juggler/performer.. lols..

  5. Jenny

    YEA!!! He’s so absolutely hot!! Perfect body, sexy moustache, and nice eyes! I absolutely adore him!!

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