Photoshoot at Greyberry…

It’s been a crazy time at work and J C & I were over at Greyberry on Friday (Labour Day), as we’d arranged for Mok to take our new promo photos 🙂 He’s such a sweet guy in accomodating our request to work on a public holiday. In case you aren’t aware, Mok’s a fantastic wizard of lights and pictures & it’s always a pleasure working with him.

Our favorite photographer had 3 shoots planned. We did J C’s first and Bossman took forever 😛 We inevitably ran way behind schedule, so much so that we ended up 2 hours late. It unfortunately made me miss the Arts NMP nomination event at TheatreWorks, which I had been looking forward to vote at as I wanted to support my talented artistic director friend, Loretta Chen, who was in the running.

I’m glad she’s made it thru anyways, and next up will be round two at Parliment… if this zesty firecracker gets the position, you can bet that there’s going to be much celebration because L will be our country’s first Arts NMP and Singapore’s first openly gay one at that.

She is very brave to come out like that, though I personally feel that it doesn’t matter if one’s gay or straight …at the end of the day, it’s all about what they can do. L’s a very capable, eloquent smart cookie – a lawyer by training, she also used to be in Young PAP. Also, I think the chick’s qualified because she’s been extremely active in our local arts community for years now 🙂

Anyways, back to our photoshoot at Mok’s studio… you may have read about it and seen the sneaks at J C’s blog but here’s my take plus other photos I’d taken on my camera 🙂

We arrived at Greyberrry early in the AM, with J C (in his brand new $400.00 Armani Xchange jacket) doing his hair and make-up first since his solo shoot was slated to go first, followed by our duo shot and finally yours truly’s one gal solo.

Iris, my darling fairy godmother who’s my hair-makeup-tattoo artist buddy, did her magic on us. She’ll be working at Kirby’s soon-to-be-open new tattoo studio soon, so that’s pretty exciting. This new branch will be located at Joo Chiat, which is actually in the same area where I did my ankh tattoo some time ago. Hmm… maybe it’s time to get a new one 😉

J C’s new solo shot had our brand new 360 SAWING illusion in the background… it’s a wicked cool thing of beauty (whoever said size didn’t matter is lying) and yes… it looks even better up close and personal. I really love what our team”s done to this one-of-a-kind in the world illusion 🙂

It honestly seemed like forever before Bossman was satisfied, and meanwhile the rest of us were monkeying around. Tee hee. Many commented that my new costume made me look like some superhero, so me being me, I just had to ham it up as I posed in front of our brand new illusion when J C was busy with Mok and his assistant *grin*

Our duo shot went really well… Here’s J C in Shadow Vision, a very funky beaut of a stage illusion with LED lights and the works. I can’t wait for the picture to be ready *grin* The conceptualization is really cool… but you’ll be the judge of that when it comes out next week 😉

We took a short break for lunch and Iris had to leave for Esplanade as she’s doing make-up for the cast of CATS. The production’s coming to an end soon and it’s a pity that I’ve missed this popular musical because of my busy schedule, but maybe next time 🙂

My lunch disappeared in mere minutes because this girl was famished. I hardly like french fries because it’s essentially junk food, but these golden sticks were gone quickly because I hadn’t had much breakfast. Waiting for the guys to be ready, I started to mucking around with the various funky objects Mok had in his spacious new studio. You know me, I can never sit still for long!

Yes, you can tell I’m really bored when I start doing this… *rueful grin*

Yours truly auditioning for the role of the wizard Gandalf in Lord of The Rings – "YOU SHALL NOT PASS!!!!!!"

My rock star moment… I kinda miss my black nail polish

Me disturbing Bossman… hurhurhurhurhur…

Showing off my socks for the day… sexy, hot pink stripes, baby!

With lunch over, everyone prepped for the next shot – my solo one gal promo photo, which was really a very simple concept… unlike the other 2 which was a lot more complex with depth of field and the works. This girl believes that there’s beauty in simplicity, hence it was just me in my new Daniel Yam evening gown, my favorite pair of boots, and my beloved katana sword which was my birthday present from Ade last october 😉

To be honest, I hadn’t prepped at alll on the poses for my shoot… choosing to simply "wing it" as usual. No one gave any suggestions, so it was just free-stylin’ for me but the folks hanging around did comment that I moved like a seasoned pro. LOL. I guess I have to thank all the photoshoots I’d had with various magazines here and overseas 🙂

Anyways, we had many good shots – even from the test shots – so it was a really tough time narrowing it down to just ONE. Amidst all, here’s a couple that I quite like… I can’t wait for the finished product to be ready come mid-month *grin* I know it doesn’t directly sell me as the illusionist/ magician/ escape artist that Magic Babe is… but I don’t really care 😛 It’s nice, and I like it.

See J C’s blog for more photos… lemme know what you think 🙂 🙂 🙂 Meow for now, more later…



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4 responses to “Photoshoot at Greyberry…

  1. Ade

    I like the Lara Croft, tomb raider pose! Oh wait, that’s almost not seeing Magic Babe!

    Hmmmmm….. =p

    Your poses certainly shows all the experience with the magazines! 😀

  2. MysteryM

    I dont think Gandalf brought a Stop Sign when he said that in the caves. 😀

  3. Aaron

    nice shots! having to work on labour day just defeats the purpose.. lols.. though probably there’s no other day better than labour day itself.

  4. Jack

    ahha!! i like doing crazy stuff like you too! too bad i can’t get the right props, and there aren’t many chances for me to take photos. can i crash ur photo-taking sessions next time? :p

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