Save AWARE: 1400hours on 02.05.09 at Suntec City Hall 402

You’ve probably read it all on the various newspapers, seen bloggers passionately expressing their views, heard about it on the radio, caught it on the telly, nodded at what our Ministry of Education retorted, agreed with what our local ministers (as in Members of Parliament and not over-zealous religious leaders) said on record… so now’s time to make a stand because YOU can make a difference.

An extraordinary general meeting (EGM) will seal AWARE’s fate tomorrow so please see We Are Aware for full details. You need to be a member to vote, by the way, so please take up this call to action swiftly and tell your friends all about it. Women’s Rights are Human Rights, so this does concern YOU.


Because this long-running NGO’s future is about too be crushed if the organisation’s going to be run by the new exco, many who are emotional Christian fundamentalists from the same homophobic church, who’ve got many aggressively uncalled for behaviors. Their past actions have already shown their mindset and a simple action of them changing the door locks at this point of time is simply pure nonsense.

The old-guard’s generous welcome of women joining the comittee has been ruthlessly used as a weapon of attack against them, which saw an ugly hijack last month from women who should jolly well set up their own organisation since they feel so very strongly and differently about things. It’s in essence, a religiously politically motivated anti-gay VS all-inclusive and fair human rights, fight.

Thinking that gays and lesbians are an evil to society and can possibly cease to exist in this world is extremely closed-minded.

Believing that curious (no pun intended) teenagers will religiously practise abstience by denying them a proper sex education in this day and age will not work.

Lying about this coup not being planned on ‘live’ TV and then being found out that its really been instigated by someone who calls herself a ‘feminist mentor’ is very lame.

Pretending to be a real-deal, compassionate ‘feminist mentor’ to a bunch of religiously motivated puppets from the same religious organisation, armed with absolutely zero experience or knowledge of the specific set of skills required to run an NGO like AWARE is a big fat joke.

Forgive me now for ranting on my soap box now but the peace-loving Libra in me cannot stand for this complete, utter injustice. Yes – I’m just a professional commercial performer – not a wealthy man who owns a chain of clinics, or a hotshot lawyer with a doctorate degree, or a highly-paid bank VP with a big team under her, but I’m a human being. One with a brain and a heart and a voice.

And. I get very passionate about things that I really believe in. Since this is my blog and I’m not breaking any laws, I’m voicing my views. And boy, do I have some strong views.

The issue now is not whether AWARE has indeed strayed from its original aims – what is really at stake is the space for a diversity of views in a pluralistic society that is my homeland. 

You see, I’m against fundamentalism, not Christianity. These radical folks give the religion a very bad name because Christianity is supposed to be all about LOVE. One of my favorite Bible scriptures comes from Matthew 7:12 and it reads: "Do not judge, or you too will be judged. For in the same way you judge others, you will be judged and with the measure you use, it will be measured to you.”

I spent ten years in a methodist school, I’ve been to church and Bible study, have many good friends who are Baptised and practising Christians… so yes… I’m just simply horrified that these over-zealous women are so blinded with their enthusiasm that I’m wondering if they’re really doing what they’re doing for God or for their own goddamn female egoes (which exists, very much so like women’s intuition, but is far more scary).

Because of the way their church leans, these chicks are also not very current with their big-picture thinking (hello, welcome to the not-so-new millenium) and sadly closed-minded in their approach. AWARE has been modern in its approach since it first started and that’s the way to go – forward, not backwards. In line with what the United Nations stands for.

See Shravasti Dhammika’s very well written blog for his take about this. He’s a super cool Buddhist monk – a white guy, by the way, but that shouldn’t matter right? Right 😉 As you know, Buddhists are perhaps the most peace-loving zen people around… and his Buddhist view completely resounds with me because it’s clear and logical. Not one of constant rantings and tense emotional dramas which tries to hook on blind faith and fear, if you know what I mean *yawn*

Perhaps you’d feel as disgusted too, when you realize how low some folks can go. See local playwright Ovida Yu‘s blog on how it was discovered that the exco and their posse tried to stir up sh*t inspite of their misjudged demeanour to the press. Also, an internal email from members of the church was inevitably discovered and posted here. It’s such a big piss off really, when people become politically two-faced in the name of "the greater good". UGH.

These vocal fundamentalists keep nit-picking about the ‘gay issue’, which even the Ministry of Education has slammed them into silence by putting across the facts properly but still, the exco (where 6 from the 9 out of 12 come from the same church) keeps harping and harping and harping and harping about the bullsh*t on how the old-guards are "promoting homosexuality".

Yes, all that misconceptions, despite AWARE’s fantastic track record with their various successful campaigns, extensive and intensive research, heralded life-saving services and passionate programs through the 25 years they’ve been around before the sudden sh*tstorm started with new members who’d only been there for months hijacked AWARE through a carefully planned, uncalled-for orchestrated takeover. And the harping, harping, harping…

Heh. This actually brings to mind what Hitler said to his croonies about effective brain-washing… “Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it”. Anyways, click here for the truth for the myths debunked.

It’s currently well-known that the church is rallying their own members to go down to the EGM tomorrow… thanks to their pastor who’s hell bent on making Singapore a Christian nation. Personally, I hope it doesn’t become a religiously-charged experience because that would be rather inappropriate, but then, how’s one to reason with over-zealous fundamentalists from the same camp who stubbornly believe themselves to be righter than everyone else?

But well, there’s still this thing called HOPE. Perhaps God will knock some good ole common sense into these aggressive fundamental folks so it doesn’t become an ugly cat fight on Saturday. Meowwwwrrrr.

Once again, do click here for full information, because you deserve to be completely in the know. See you at the showdown tomorrow… Save AWARE!



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4 responses to “Save AWARE: 1400hours on 02.05.09 at Suntec City Hall 402

  1. Pam

    gosh. i read the internal circulated email by church members and i seriously feel sick in the stomach. it’s impossible to sit & do nothing about this.

  2. N1

    Hey! I thought I saw you on TV when news 5 was showing some snippets of the EGM..

  3. ning

    LOL… Yes, that was me on TV. Ben texted me too, when he saw me on the news 😛

  4. dennis

    I’m impressed with your insight & analysis on this whole fiasco, and your firm determination in standing up against what you think is total bullsh*t. Kudos to you Ning.

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