360 Sawing: The Latest and the Greatest

I’ve been out of the country the past few days, relishing my first real holiday in 3 years for the first time, so it was only just this morning that I stepped into the Concept:Magic studio. And man… is it great to be back *grin*

Bossman was absolutely right when he mentioned over the phone the other night that the place looks like a tornado’s whipped through it. Actually, his exact words were "bomb blast" but our creative alcove really looked like an intense whirlwind had swept through every inch of available space as we’ve been busy with the preparation of three new illusions and then some.

Speaking about our brand new illusions, the gang’s been hard at work with the construction, rebuilding and redesign on these new babies. In fact, they only left the magic studio close to 10PM last night to meet the deadline for our brand new photoshoot.

J C’s been raving about our 360 Sawing illusion in particular, which everyone’s been really excited about and stepping into our studio earlier today, I can so totally see why this stage illusion’s our most ambitious thus far 🙂 It’s IMPRESSIVE!!!

Gosh… it’s a thingy of pure beauty which agressively looms over 8 feet tall in all her  stainless steel metallic glory… and she absolutely exudes a touch of being an ‘urban illusion’ with her uber sexy spider web motif and alluring metal chains draped like a black widow’s embrace. And then there’s also a silhouette of yours truly on the front of this one-of-a-kind illusion.

We premiere this at our performance at the Esplanade come early June, and I’ll post pictures up soon. Meanwhile, you can check out J C’s blog for his take over here. Ta for now, more later!



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2 responses to “360 Sawing: The Latest and the Greatest

  1. Jack

    i couldn’t imagine how bad it was till i saw the picture.. and the picture only shows one angle. i’m assuming that that’s the best angle possible.

  2. Aaron

    woah.. that’s pretty untidy.. lol.. i can’t imagine you guys working in there. it’s probably even hard getting around.

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