Siem Reap, Cambodia: Day 5

You know your food’s really fresh and pesticide free when you spot fat caterpillars in there! *wry grin* This high-in-protein creepy crawly was in my breakfast this morning at FCC, prior to us checking out of the hotel. Needless to say, all appetite was lost and I told the amused BFF I’ll meet her downstairs when she was done with her chow.

I really don’t know what’s up with Cambodian bugs and me… there was a tick crawling above near my car seat in the hotel limo when we first arrived, and there was that mutant roach-cricket thing that scared the cr*p out of me in the shower on the first night, plus how can I ever forget last evening… which saw me almost eaten alive by a swarm of hungry winged insects with teeth. It’s almost like I was in a B-grade movie, I kid you not.

Anyways, on the bumpy car ride to the international airport, I spotted a huge fat Aedes mosquito at my side of the window. With a dour face, I turned to the BFF who was engrossed with the newspapers. Pam gave a tickled giggle and promptly smacked her palm on the glass, killing it. Oh yay.

The last pest I encountered was at the airport, in the form of a racist Cambodian security guy on a twisted power trip who only stopped Asians. All Westerners breezed in without the pesky little teapot of a man even batting an eyelid. WTF. I was rudely stopped to produce my passport and documents (he didn’t even know how to read English) while a hippy looking backpacker strolled through the entrance. I guess this white supremacy bullshit is still prevalent in Asia. Sad but true!

My BFF is really Miss Sunshine because the woman never fails to lift my spirits whenever I get grouchy. After checking in, we wandered around the Dufry stores while we waited for our plane, but I didn’t really get anything because I was already flat broke with my last few dollars in my pocket. Instead we chilled at a cozy cafe and read the local papers until Silkair made the announcement that it was time to board the plane.

There was a transit stop over at Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. We didn’t get the chance to head out to check out the city but perhaps sometime in future. It was a pretty full flight when we boarded the plane again but the flight back home was mostly smooth, and the meals SilkAir served was pretty decent 🙂

Despite a delay due to turbulence, we were back in Singapore in a couple of hours. I accompanied the BFF to get chocolates for her kids and then it was back home for us. Reading about the on-going swine flu scare on the newspapers, I must say that our health officials are really swift in action. There were temperature scanners at the airport, very much like when SARS hit a couple of years back.

My virgin trip to Siem Reap was one of mixed feelings – but I wholly embrace the Cambodian experience as an entirety: of the alluring sweet and prickly bittersweet, and well, the whole spicy Khmer mix of it all. Looking back, I’ve gained much from this journey in this developing country which though may be poor in wealth, is immensely rich in its extensive history, rich culture and treasured heritage. Though I didn’t buy anything for myself (save for a gem of a book on Khmer art and history, which I couldn’t resist), I took home truly beautiful memories which I’ll never forget.

Cambodia is beautiful



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2 responses to “Siem Reap, Cambodia: Day 5

  1. Aaron

    omg, i didn’t notice the caterpillar till the second picture.. i thought it was some spring onion.. i’d probably have eaten it without knowing. eek!

  2. Jack

    haha.. looks like you had a wonderful holiday. of course, except for the bugs.. haha..

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