Siem Reap, Cambodia: Day 1

The BFF and I arrived in the early evening via SilkAir & I suspect we girls brought the rain to Siem Reap because right now’s supposed to be Cambodia’s hottest season but when we came, there was unexpected precipitation! The friendly driver from our hotel FCC Angkor picked us up and we checked into our sweet room which faced the pool, before venturing out to the old market for some local street food 🙂

We walked around Pub Street and settled on a warmly lit food stall which had several locals eatting there. They’d fed us on the plane so we weren’t very hungry so the 2 of us shared a plate of noodles and a side dish of vegggies, along with drinks. The simple fare was generous with greens, and everything cost less than US$3!

Soaking in the sights after dinner, I really appreciated the old architecture. Similiar to colonial war-time shophouses back in Singapore, many establishments had taken over these old buildings and breathed contemporary life into them again. Not surprisingly, many expats have opened pubs and restaurants in the touristy zone but for tonight, I just wanted to experience the real Cambodia, know what I mean?

There were many local children hawking their wares of handmade braclets and things to tourists & several landmine victims begging for money, as well as, hordes of tuktuk drivers competing with each other to get your attention… all which already instilled the difference of social & living standards in yours truly, the pampered (well, comparitively speaking) city girl that I am. Though they spoke English fairly well in their attempt at selling their trinklets, I sincerely wonder if these young kids even have a proper education.

Anyways, it was late when we returned back to our hotel and I was enjoying my hot shower in an attempt to unwind in the shower when I go the frikkin’ bejesus scared out of me when a mutant bug which looked like a cross between a cricket and a roach, suddenly appeared out of nowhere.









Okay, I so DO NOT deal well with bugs. Seriously.

Screaming blardy murder, I leap out of the bathtub and grabbed my towel because I’ve never seen such a WEIRD LOOKING INSECTbefore. You know how it is… this completely rational fear… when you’ve absolutely no clue at all about its origins or anything basically… about an unknown unidentifiable creature which you’ve no idea if it’s capable of flying, or has abilities of fast movement and ESP, that sorta thing 😦


The amused BFF (who had already showered and was enjoying her book in bed) came to my rescue by gallantly spraying the evil mutant creature with the only thing we had that could possibly kill it… or maim it. We had no bug spray with us, so the closest weapon we girls had in our luggage was my Hansaplast "OFF!" insect repellent.

Pam must have used half the bottle before entire paralysis set in and the roach-cricket-thingy-thing finally ceased to move. I have no idea what the heck it is, because roaches I know of, always die on their backs with their little legs twitching in the air. This is a picture of the dead carcass… er… remains of the horrid, cheeky mutant bug who turned my before-bedtime shower into one big misadventure…

Talk about gross. We left the dead body in the tub and I made the extremely tickled-to-death BFF stand guard to watch that the mutant bug didn’t resurrect to life, while I brushed my teeth in fear. SIGH. Yes, I know I’m pathetic.

Honestly, I think the best way to completely make me lose my marbles is to put me in a tiny room full of gross bugs and evil clowns. If I had to choose, I think the latter’s worse. Insects are born just the way they are, but scary garish make-up and bright wigs… it’s just frightful to clownophobes like me 😦 Laugh at me if you want but coulrophobia is very real!

Anyways, I digress. Tomorrow’s an early (and long) day for us because we set off for Angkor Wat… it’s always been a place I’ve wanted to explore since I was a little girl, when I chanced upon its magnificent picture on an old postcard I saw many years ago. I can’t wait *grin* It’s just a couple more hours to sunrise, so ta for now… more later!



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2 responses to “Siem Reap, Cambodia: Day 1

  1. Aaron

    hmm.. where do you get internet access at hotels? do hotels have free wireless lan for laptops? i’ve always wondered that..

  2. Weili

    LOL. u r just like me, hate bugs:)

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