BBQ with friends

I fly to Siem Reap, Cambodia tomorrow but I thought of having a BBQ at my bachelor girl pad this evening because it’s always good to have the company of close friends. Work’s been quite mad and it was a crazy rush to get home from the office on time… the BBQ deliveryman was already waiting for me by the condo’s pool with everything stacked out and the bill in his hand.

Jas was the first the arrive (woohoo!) and we set up everything the best we could, after I kicked off my heels and got some essentials (my trusty Buck folding knife and my ever reliable lighter which I use to set my fire sticks for spinning) 🙂 Pam, Kris and Spanky arrived soon after. It’s just so awesome to be able to chill and unwind with loved ones.

Mr Kam, the only guy, was the chef for the night – I’m beginning to suspect that it’s a Hong Konger thing. You know, HK men and cooking *wink* His chicken wings were simply fab. Yes, Kris is a real pro and he’s always the one cooking whenever we have things like this, like the other time we had a steamboat dinner – the man just has that knack!

It was laughter and makan all around, with the girls telling the strangest stories and corniest jokes… and Kris as usual, being the instigator of things by initiating a pretty warped game called "F*ck, Chuck & Marry" which I refused participate in. Hurhurhur… but you could see which guys appealed to us girls mostly. Hugh Jackman for one, I have to agree… is way up there on the list *grin* I personally can’t wait for Wolverine: X-Men Origins to hit the cinemas! YUM 😛

The bunch of us later adjorned to my studio apartment just before midnight for Ben & Jerrys, while we all sprawled in my cozy little livingroom watching cable TV while cooling down. Men’s greatest invention has absolutely gotta be air-conditioning *wry grin*

It was definitely a great call for the BBQ (hooray for the good weather!), though the lot had to seriously take-away a lot of food because I’d be gone for the next 5 days and I couldn’t keep any of the unfinished bits or it’d spoil. We’ve decided to do a steamboat dinner at my place next month, so I look forward to that. Oh yeah… it’s going to be FUN 😉


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  1. Aaron

    wow, that’s a great life you have there.. so packed full of action and fun. friends are absolutely great, aren’t they?

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