J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on Star World’s ASIA UNCUT

Woohoo! What a day!!! Last night saw us leaving the Concept:Magic studio close to midnight due to intense rehearsals (also because Bossman is one grade A anal perfectionist) and we started this morning early, with our gig as the very first guests today on Jon Niermann’s ASIA UNCUT talk show on the Star World cable network 🙂

J C & I were treated like royalty by the very wonderful production team, they took such great care of us. They’d even offered chartered transportation but we drove, so it’s okay. The producers even arranged for wonderfully delish tapas treats, chilled drinks (Coke Light, my favorite… mmm mmm mmm), plus a meticulous hair and make up team for us.

It was a fantastic experience because everything went so smoothly with these professionals (super cool cats!!!), and they were impressed that we did everything flawlessly in just one take *grin* The audience present also enjoyed what we presented, but instead of describing what happened in words, well, here’s photos taken during our hearty segment at their cozy studio earlier…

The Asia Uncut set was really cozy… it was filmed before a ‘live’ audience and they also had a professional ‘live’ band playing as well!

J C & yours truly make our grand appearance and hit the gong as requested… I had done an artful kungfu flourish of the stick (sorry, I’m such a ham) before hitting the gong and passing on the stick to J C

J C gets a warm handshake but I receive an unexpected big bear hug from our friendly talkshow host, Jon Niermann. I think my onstage partner got a bit jealous that he didn’t get that warm welcome 😉

FYI, J C’s nifty designer jacket from Armani Xchange costs S$400.00 and he bought a few sets because he fell in love with it… yep… and you’d think that the girl’s the shopperholic *wry grin*

The production team readily agreed to our request to remove the coffee table so we’d have some room in front for some wicked hot action later 😉

But first, J C shows off some visual money magic using a coin Jon randomly picks from a whole purse full of coins poured out before him.

Close up magic done in their faces by a master at sleight of hand 😉 Don’t blink or you’d miss it…

Next up, my straightjacket striptease act which Jon quipped that he’s been keenly looking forward to… hurhurhurhurhur…

Our host examines everything carefully before we surprise Jon by putting him inside it!

We kid around a little, all in good fun and Jon’s an absolutely sport. The color DOES look good on him!

Jon tests it out and agrees that my regulation straight jacket is the real deal…

The fun begins, it’s a cheeky threesome on stage where I get strapped up by the guys 😉

The audience watching goes wild when Jon tackles my crotch strap… oh the tremendous performance pressure the  man must face *wink*

Yours truly getting man-handled and experiencing a major OUCHIE during the strap-up.

Magic Babe’s straight jacket striptease = Harry Houdini meets the Pussycat Dolls

While most escapologists rely on pure brute strength and force, I prefer to do it the zen way… like Asian martial artists who make themselves flexible, like water

By manipulating my joints and muscles, I slitter out of my confines in full view…

Jon’s impressed by how sexy an escape can be and we lead up to the finale…

My all time personal favorite grand illusion, Light & Space!

Don’t blink or you’d miss the magic…

Now you see me…

Now you don’t…

An all clear view, all around…

I then attempt to teleport back in seconds


The audience goes crazy at our dynamic presentation of this unique illusion…

Jon comes over to thank us for taking time off Ultimate Magic: The Revolution to come on the show

J C & I heartily thank everyone for having us and peace out…

This episode airs next month, so stay tuned to Star World the next couple of weeks to look out for the teaser trailer *grin* I’ll  give you a heads-up too, as the date draws closer. And hey… If you’ve got a Facebook account, you can also check out all the pictures taken today @ this link:

J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on Star World’s Asia Uncut



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6 responses to “J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on Star World’s ASIA UNCUT

  1. Aaron

    hopefully i’ll be able to catch it. i haven’t actually watched it before. any idea what time it’ll be aired? =X

  2. Jack

    it’s just too bad i do not have cable tv.. the stage looks really nice.. hopefully someone uploads it onto youtube.. :p

  3. BeMyAngels

    I can see clearly why you like Light and Space. 🙂 It’s very magical.

  4. blake

    of course he is impressed how sexy an escape can be. especially since it is being performed by Magic Babe Ning. I bet the host was enjoying his up close seat watching the escape. haa..

  5. KopyKat

    46 photos taken at the show. That is a lot of photos. You both always look like you are having so much fun performing. 🙂

  6. Hi Magic Babe. Keep us posted on the Schedule so we can catch the show. The Light & Spcae trick looks interesting. You should perform for us in Kuching next time.

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