J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on ASIA UNCUT!

That’s right y’all… J C & yours truly will be on Star TV network’s popular talk show, Asia Uncut, which is hosted by funnyman Jon Niermann. We were sounded out some months ago to swing by their studio this mid-week Wednesday for an interview and a performance… it’s going to be fun! 🙂

Thus far past celebrities invited to the show include Maggie Q, Brendan Fraser, James Blunt, Motley Crue, JJ Lin, and more. We’ll be the very first illusionists featured on Jon’s talkshow, which is picked up in many countries around the world – if you’ve got cable, tune in to watch us on Asia Uncut.

Stay tuned for more details 😉



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3 responses to “J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning on ASIA UNCUT!

  1. Khai85

    where and when can I watch this? is there a stated date for this episode that you guys are going to be in?

  2. Jack

    wow, you guys are incredible! you make singapore proud! rock on baby!

  3. GoblinGrenade

    You guys are on a talkshow! Terrific man.

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