Beware: Josie and the Pussycats

Behold… the very first media interview the new exco of AWARE granted came out this evening on Channel News Asia. It’s interesting that the exco did absolutely nothing to inform its own people about this prior; the news came to me from a friend working in the media that Josie Lau and Maureen Ong would be on Talking Point tonight at 10.10pm, but only on condition that no one from the ‘old guard’ came to the ‘live’ show.

I’ve been following the news reports since the unexpected coup by a bunch of newcomers who had only been AWARE members for only a few mere months AND have never served on the sub-com OR even volunteered, was announced on the news.

Something reeeeeeeeeeeeeeally makes me uncomfortable about their very first public appearance – it’s not just the fact that the exco didn’t inform members of AWARE about this television interview or that they didn’t want anyone from the ‘old guard’ to share the interview space (which pretty much goes against Josie’s ‘agree to disagree’ stance when she declared on national television "My priority right now is to reconcile the team which clearly has fissured.").

It’s body language.

You probably already know that what’s not said is a lot louder than what’s actually verbalized. We give off many, many signals and perceptive people can always see through our lies (yes men call this ‘women’s intuition’ sometimes… and it’s very, very real) *wink*

So yes, coming back to what personally scares me… is the fact that I’m simply not quite certain if I can totally trust what these chicks are saying. As a modern conman… I mean, conjurer… my unique job has equipped me with certain skill sets that quickly informs me if I’m usually being lied to or if someone’s truthful, if they’re uncomfortable, defensive, etc, etc, etc. And this feisty pussycat seems like a political Queen of Spin.

Okay… In case you’re lost and completely UNaware about what’s be going on at AWARE, a great online place that pretty much sums up everything is Glass Castle. They aren’t a gay website thank you very much, they’re a local feminist group consisting of very brilliant writers and some of these women are married/ enaged. Geez… I guess it sensationalizes things so the media has pretty much made this out to be chiefly an anti-gay (new exco) VS anti-discrimination (old guards) thing, there’s just SO MUCH to it… duh… it’s all about WOMEN.

Like, hello? Big picture?!

Pardon the pun on the popular comic book girl band, but after watching the exco’s interview segment… it’s honestly very hard to trust that these ladies didn’t plan a coup prior, that this sudden landslide win of 9 out of 12 seats was all a huge, surprising, big coincidence, the day that suddenly a huge number of women from the church both Maureen & Josie attend, came for the elections and voted them new faces into the current new exco.

Objectively, Maureen & Josie didn’t answer posed questions clearly, and still continued their evasive strategy (ugh… don’t you just hate it when people beat around the bush?) and worse, what’s up with Josie’s take on "the old guards being too diversed"?

Big picture – women’s rights. There’s just so much issues to tackle on a broad spectrum, hence the need for good sub-comittees. Small picture – pushing very specific agendas you already have in the guise of women’s rights via a NGO like AWARE, and ruthlessly kicking out those in your way.

Braema Mathi’s termination from AWARE’s CEDAW Committee (Convention for the Elimination of all forms of Discrimination Against Women, an international bill of rights for women adopted by the UN), by the new exco has certainly raised eyebrows. The respected veteran was "unceremoniously dumped" (as I quote her) via a surprise curt email, a real major ouchie. The new exco’s also terminated all the current heads of AWARE’s sub-committees.


Seriously now ladies… Are such drastic actions truly neccessary? I think anyone like me who’s read Machiavelli’s The Prince, Sun Tzu’s Art of War & The Romance of the Three Kingdoms would have had huge alarm bells ringing hard between your ears already.

But hey, I’m no brainy political analyst with a PhD, I’m just a magician/ escape artist blogging on her personal space. My honest 2 cents for now, is that while Josie and her pussycats are probably very good businesswomen (meowwwrr… look at those claws, baby!), it’s a whole other ballgame when it comes to an NGO like AWARE. Thus far, the exco’s unsavvy PR prowess has inevitably rased many questions if they’re the right people for the job because they’re still unclear, hence, dodgy in their agendas.

I mean, Josie’s a VP for DBS… is transparent, concise communication very difficult? A good organisation needs clear visibility to instill good faith and that would adovcate support and understanding. In essence… Being good leaders of such an organisation requires much experience and a different skill set. Does this new exco really have passionate sincerity in continuing what AWARE’s all about, or do they house different intentions?

Meow for now, more later…



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3 responses to “Beware: Josie and the Pussycats

  1. Aaron

    i seriously hate the way she carries herself. she sits as though she’s looking for a fight. it made me dislike her right at start.

  2. Jack

    wow, the new exco is really going too far.. i will not be surprised if they end up in some big news sooner or later. it’s too ridiculous if you say that they are doing it without any exterior motives.

  3. MysteryM

    Still, their main objectives remain unclear. If you watched an anime, Code Geass, season 2, the ending twist is really worth thinking about. It’s the same with this. Maybe they have a big picture that isn’t clear yet.

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