Matt’s now a married man!

It was an early AM wake-up call for me to drag myself out of my comfy futon bed, leave my bachelor girl pad and find my way to Matt’s church this Saturday morning. Angeline was the radiant bride in white and our team’s dashing close-up magician was the very handsome groom.

We were glad to be a part of the celebrations and it’s just so awesome witnessing a couple exchanging their vows of love. I didn’t quite agree with what the priest (the big golden "囍" on his front made him look like 财神爷 aka the Chinese God of Fortune) when he preached that a woman must obey her husband like how there’s a leader in an organisation.

Like, huh?

Sorry but the last time I checked, there were plenty of women CEOs around. Unless you’re referring to like maybe, a century or so ago. In fact, a recent research finding actually revealed that this little red dot had the most number of women in leadership positions.

In this modern day and age, where most couples bring back the dough and have (near) equal education… Shouldn’t a couple equally love and mutually respect each other? No offense but it’s kinda lame to preach that a man must love his wife and the woman must obey the man.

Perhaps the priest didn’t mean that way, but if so, he should seriously polish up his presentation. I mean, this is not the first Catholic wedding I’ve been to, I’ve been to so many… but it’s a bit strange that the guy had to actually read off a script and he also forgot to announce "you may kiss the bride", so much so, that Matt had to actually ask for permission.

Needless to say, we were all stunned. Besides that, this particular priest also flubbed some important lines during crucial moments… and I don’t know how they’re gonna video edit that later so it doesn’t seem so awkward. I guess if this was my wedding, I’m be pretty darn pissed… but then I’ve got a low tolerance for these things 😛

Anyways, my heartiest congrats to the newly weds. The lovebirds fly off next week for their honeymoon in Maldives. Sweeeeeeeeeeet!!!



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5 responses to “Matt’s now a married man!

  1. Aaron

    oh my god.. it’s like so hilarious the way you say it.. i can’t imagine how the poor bride will feel if matthew didn’t “ask for permission” to kiss the bride..

  2. Jack

    are u a christian? man, maybe it’s the first time for this particular priest.. haha.. hopefully he does better next time..

  3. Gerard your soundman

    Actually, the sermon cannot be taken in parts and must be listened as a whole.
    The condition for the wife to obey the husband is that the husband must love his wife, like how jesus love humanity, to the extent that the husband, whatever he does, will always think of his wife first. thus the wife benefitting it more than the husband.

    and the script was not prepared by the priest, it was prepared by others. not sure who, but sometimes its family and friends who put all these into the booklet. Most times it is the bride / groom’s themselves or their friends who put the booklet together for the priest to use.

  4. BeMyAngels

    someone is married!! congrats!!!!! 🙂

  5. MysteryM

    Love is in the air. Congratulations to the bride and groom.

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