Team bonding after office hours

Earlier on, the bunch of us celebrated Ash’s 21st birthday, as well as, a 100% clean ‘stag party’ of sorts for Matt who gets married tomorrow (GASP!) at one of our favorite chill-out places located along the colorful and vibrant Arab Street.

As usual, yours truly was the instigator of sorts… telling the Bossman that it’s high time for a god ‘ole team bonding session, with good food and a couple of Middle Eastern hookahs thrown in.

Say, what?

Hookahs, sweetie, hookahs… not hookers.

You should try it, they’re great for helping you relax. We’re on a ‘break’ currently, in preparation of the upcoming season of Ultimate Magic: The Revolution and everyone’s been working their butt off… multi-tasking  as always, and it’s a mad house now at our magic studio. It seriously looks like a mighty hurricane just whipped through *wry grin*

Everyone at the office just needed to unwind and it was a good break for Ade too,who’s busybusybusy with her exam preps. Here’s some photos of the gang simply just chilling out, having fun, being the dorky magicians that we are by doing magic while we induldged in different flavored shisha from the three hookahs we ordered at our dinner table!

Ash our charming Birthday Boy is all smiles because he can now legally watch R21 movies without having to sneak in… hee hee hee…

The cool…

and not so cool

It’s all serious business for Larry, our resident Escapologist/ Fire Artist... 

I so love Matt’s facial expression here… Intense!!!

The Concept:Magic couple… Don’t they look oh-so-cool here? *snicker*

Us hungry people completely wiped out everything on our plates in minutes… now you see it, now you don’t!

And everyone thinks J C Sum doesn’t have his locco moments…

We took plenty of videos too, but I’ll personally murder anyone who uploads it to YouTube 😛 They’re seriously the work of 6 humorous magicians who’re high on magic, life, and shisha *wry grin*

Oh yeah hey, this is the last call to join us… if you’re interested in being a part of our magic team, see J C’s blog for more details or my post yesterday. Don’t miss this oppurtunity… Good luck!



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4 responses to “Team bonding after office hours

  1. Aaron

    is that a drink you guys are sucking on? it looks kinda like some opium pipe or something.. haha.. i’ve never seen it before. where is this restaurant?

  2. Jack

    this looks like some film where everyone is high on drugs.. just joking.. :p this restaurant looks cool! where is it?

  3. Khai85

    hookahs or shisha? I thought its called shisha? 🙂

  4. Whodunnit

    Magician + Shisha = A Wacky Bunch of People

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