Last call for those interested in being a part of Concept:Magic

Concept:Magic will be closing applications soon, so do submit yours before this Monday if you’re interesting in being a part of our dynamic magic team 🙂

You may remember me blogging about  it a little while ago but anyways, for full information, feel free to read J C’s blog Backstage Business. You can also check it out at the official webpage @

We’ve been recieving a healthy response from people from all walks of life – male, female, here and overseas! All applications will be kept strictly confidential of course, and we’d be contacting the right people for a meeting at our magic studio real soon.

So don’t be shy… this could just be the experience of a lifetime for YOU! *grin*



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5 responses to “Last call for those interested in being a part of Concept:Magic

  1. Will

    *crosses fingers* i hope i am suitable for the job.. i have always wanted to join concept:magic.. hopefully i am able to get through! 🙂

  2. BeMyAngels

    Last call to work together with Magic Babe huh? 😀 Any potential candidates yet from all the ones who applied?

  3. Khai85

    OOoo. final few days to apply. I wonder who are the lucky ones to get a job in concept magic. whoever it will be, bet its going to be one fun and full of experience kind of job. after all it’s a MAGIC company. haaaa. 🙂

  4. GoblinGrenade

    what kind of interview does a magic company do? need to juggle and perform magic? that would sound fun actually.

  5. Mikey

    for some reason, i’m thinking of the show “The Apprentice” haa where ppl compete to get a job. maybe concept magic can have the same “The Apprentice Magician”. 😛 just a suggestion

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