Revamps and changes…

Yes, the Concept:Magic team’s been really busy!

First off, check out our YouTube channel here. Starting this week, we’ll also be uploading new video content every week 🙂 So if you’ve missed some of our TV content, you may just see your fave episodes there! Patience, my young Jedi… heh heh heh…

There’s also J C’s popular blog, Backstage Business, which has been given a new face-lift… he constantly writes fresh content which would interest any intellectual out there – magician and layman alike 🙂

We’ve also uploaded a new video edit of REVO-LLUSION online, J C’s all original grand illusion involving a giant industrial fan, which is featured in his Urban Illusions book for the modern-day professional illusion designer/ builder. Here’s yours truly presenting it during one of our shows at Ultimate Magic @ The Arena!


If the embedded video above fails to play or load properly, you can also watch the ‘live’ performance here 🙂 I must say the spectator I grabbed on stage that evening is one very animated chick *grin*

Besides the usual daily performances we have at The Arena in Clarke Quay, we’ve also been busy with meetings for several big projects happening in the next couple of months. They’re all very exciting thrilling events, one of which is the Singapore River Festival! Yes, the Singapore Tourism Board has contacted us yet again for our participation.

Last year saw J C & I teleport 3 muggles (non-magic folk!) across the iconic Singapore River in just 2.5 seconds flat, but well, what we have in stored for this year is even COOLER! Stay tuned to the J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning fan page on Facebook for more info 😉

PS: This evening sees us doing the very last performance for Season 2 of Ultimate Magic as Singapore’s only permanent illusion show takes a break before coming back on 2 May with brand new illusions, costumes and more! More information on that in just a bit… we’ve got a brand new website to shout out the awesome new changes and all. Ta for now, more later!



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5 responses to “Revamps and changes…

  1. ZY90

    so many new things this week! where do I start looking? haaa. I think I’ll check out the youtube for the new vids first. 🙂 I bet the weekly magic is going to be the bomb man.

  2. NewToMagic

    I was pleasantly surprised by the new blog layout for Backstage Business. It was a nice change and looks great. Are you going to change your layout soon also? 😛

  3. KopyKat

    where’s the new video?? i really cannot wait. too bored at home. haaaa.

  4. cardistry2007

    looks like a time for a break for everyone till 2 May. hope you all have a good rest and recharged yourselves. then we all can go see a spectacular Season 3 with fresh new energy! haa

  5. Will

    i’m really looking forward to see the new ultimate magic in may! seeing how ultimate magic grew from season 1 to season 2, i’m really wondering how you guys can improve, since it’s already so good.. well, there’s never perfect, but you guys are as close as you can get! keep it up!

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