An Inconvenient Truth

It was an enjoyable movie marathon weekend with me watching a whole slew of films… a favorite chick-flick revisted in the form of Miss Congeniality, a no-brainer movie which was banned in Singapore but I found the DVD sold at Mustafa (Zoolander), as well as Al Gore’s impactful film about the environment… An Inconvenient Truth.

If you have yet to catch this gripping documentary, please do. It’s a fantastic film and you can easily purchase it from any good DVD store like HMV or Borders, and even online here. Made in 2006, it was a personal pet project passionately presented by Al Gore who decided against running again for Presidency despite being asked by Obama and Clinton, because he believed that he had far more important things to do. Like educating the masses about the environment.

I sometimes wonder how our creator/s must think of us… a bunch of silly human beings who constantly bicker and fight, because like stubborn mules we always assume that our belief system is correct and whoever opposes us are wrong – how we’ve spoiled and are still spoiling the fragile world we live in, completely ignorant about the mess we live behind because we don’t feel we need to worry about future generations after us – it’s not our problem because we’d be long gone before anything bad really happens.

Yeah, right.

Watching An Inconvenient Truth made me realize that global warming is an issue that’s far more important than anything else at the moment, if only people could throw away their differences for a bit and focus on the piorities. The Eath is dying. Our world is sick. Because of what we’ve been doing every day, every moment, every second.

I never knew that polar bears could drown, but that’s what has been happening for years now because water levels have risen and melted so much ice. There are more huricanes because of pollution. Global warming has succeeded in severly screwing up the weather. Rivers and lakes have turnned to desserts. Winters become harsher, unnatural heat waves have claimed more lives. Everything is all linked, we know this – but how many of us act on it?

There’s so much we can do, and it all starts with the individual. Watch the film if you can, and also check out the website:

Like my favorite childhood superhero, Captain Planet, would say… "The POWER, is YOURS!"



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8 responses to “An Inconvenient Truth

  1. Aaron

    wow. i’m really not looking forward to anything like “the day after tomorrow” happening. hopefully we really can save the earth from further damage.

  2. Gerard your soundman

    If u liked inconvenient truth, i recommend sharkwater.
    pure documentary, if u can’t find it, tell me, i get a copy for u, can pass to u on saturday morning. u will be at the church on saturday morning right?

  3. We do need to take care of our planet, but don’t take everything Mr Gore says as “gospel”. The real truth is that everyone has an agenda and is willing to manipulate facts and figures to prove their own point.

    Double check what he says in the film with what is actually going on.

    Like Michael Moore, he really can’t be classed as a true “documentarian”.

  4. Amazzo

    I can so remember the lyrics “By your powers combined I am Captain Planet!”

  5. BeMyAngels

    I wonder what tomorrow will bring us. Maybe new technology to save the earth? Or more technology which will rob life from the earth? The latest campaign to switch off the lights for 1 hr was a good effort but I don’t think it was 100% effective. They should do something more worth while instead. Everyone should. 🙂

  6. Khai85

    Well, compared to many years back, I think we, as the human race have tried to save mother earth by reusing reducing recycling and many other things.

  7. Will

    the picture on top looks really nice. though it’s not really nice to be living in that kind of environment. hopefully there’s some way we can redcue ozone-destruction..

  8. ning

    tim – yes, once a politician always a politician 😉 but what is preached cannot be bad for us. all documentaries have agendas, i don’t believe in true ‘objectivity’ …they only have objectives.

    gerard – i’ll see you at church this weekend, thanks in advance 🙂

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