AWARE caught unware…

It is shocking how major changes have suddenly happened in AWARE, the most prominent women’ rights group, with a conspiracy theory like takeover which sees brand new unknowns basically knocking out veterans who’ve been in the organization for over 15 years in office. This unexpected coup saw the ‘old guards’ being replaced by new members who’d only joined this year… an alarming high 9 out of 12 executive positions are now filled by women who became members from just three months ago or less, as they apparently voted their own. I’m mighty curious about their new agenda and I expect a radical change because it’s so obvious that this has been planned prior and is no coincidence, very objectively speaking. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to analyze that!

There’s something political brewing since the timing is perfect, with the current run of NMPs ending soon in just two short months and there’s already a call for new applicants. AWARE’s past presidents had been NMPs and with these newcomers… well, they could have started up their own non-governmental organization to champion their causes and ideals, instead of blatantly taking over AWARE, but what better to ride-on a well-known NGO already so well-established with much credentials, when setting up something new would take a long time to create? As it is, AWARE already has a strong brand and voice with a solid track record, milestones and achievements.

Though this shift of power may inevitably feel a tad dodgy and underhanded, these newcomers didn’t do anything wrong technically as AWARE never had any rules/ limitations on office voting-in. Who saw this coming anyways? *wry grin* The thing is this… I’m not judging, but I’m hoping. I’m hoping that these newcomers who have come into power (because, as we all know the saying – with great power, comes great responsibility) move us all forward and not take a step back for women’s rights here in Singapore.

This is extremely important because the last thing I want to see is my country become a f*cked up mess like in other places where stupid people waste precious time trying to abolish abortion rights because of their religious beliefs, spreading homophobia and inevitably increasing hate crimes, and spreading all sorts of unneeded negative energy. What really irks me is that these ignorant folks are so blindly stubborn like mules about their school of thought which they try to force unto others, and they actually call themselves intelligent, modern-day feminists. Oh my God.

Please please please please please, don’t let this happen to us. That would completely destroy what AWARE has taken so many years to do. That would absolutely throw away everything that so many women here have broken their backs to accompolish. It would be a severe de-provement of the current situation in Singapore and wouldn’t actually help women at all. SIGH.

Anyways, read the news article here for yourself and chew on it.



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5 responses to “AWARE caught unware…

  1. Ade

    Not that much into news for these few hibernating wks, but i caught this news too. =/ Sharing the same sentiments as you… sigh.

  2. Michellllee

    this sounds very fishy. what are they planning to do with AWARE? they should have done something to prevent this from occuring. its too late now. hope its for the better and not for the worse..

  3. Mikey

    :S I can’t imagine that happening to our govt. i think our laws should prevent that. but how could an organization not have done something to prevent that? i mean, is it even allowed for those people to get in like that?

  4. Aaron

    wow, that’s really scary. it’s like a conspiracy. that must really have been a shock to the members..

  5. Jack

    wow, sounds really confusing. hopefully they do not try to do anything to upset the stability of singapore. the economy’s already quite bad as it is..

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