Chalk is yummmmmmmmmmy…

The uber savvy BFF (who’s always in the know) had been raving about Old School since forever and she often mentioned about wanting to check out Chalk. So after she descriptively painted a beautiful picture of the restaurant with the gift of gab she has, we decided to have dinner there after work. Mind you, being the skeptical person I am, I was thinking… wait, isn’t there a not-so-gastronomical expression "…tastes like chalk?!" 😛

Old School, as some of you are already aware, is the brand new arts hub that took over the former Methodist Girls School campus. All the ladies in my family spent their primary and secondary education at MGS so my mother went there many years ago, but my sisters and I never had the chance to study at the original campus in Mount Sophia – only the current one at Blackmore Drive. Chalk apparently took over the science block, and the rennovation work for the restaurant was just divine. I’m a sucker for art and they had beautiful paintings on the walls.

The staff at Chalk were polite and well-spoken, extremely warm and professional. We had a great outdoor table with a splendid view. The BFF and I ordered our food and were happily tucking into the attractive and scrumptious fare, which didn’t take too long to arrive… and we girls were happily yakking away about our day when our waiter suddenly surprised us when he brought over two flutes of champaign from a mysterious somebody… Hmm hmmm hmmm.

Okay, to be honest, it always amuses me when men do these charming things. One of the slickest moves a guy ever did for me, was when he helped me make a last-minute reservation for an important family dinner (which I’d overlooked because of my busy schedule) at an expensive restaurant he told me about, and actually footed the bill even before I arrived. I’d been confused when the waiter told me there’s no need to pay as the bill had already been settled, when I’d whipped out my credit card after the meal. LOL.

Anyways! It turns out, the bubbly was from a friend of the BFF’s, so that was cool. I know people always tell me that I have a really awesome job but I swear, my unassuming bestfriend totally has the cooler one as she gets to meet interesting people all the time! Andrew Lum had noticed us and sent the drinks over, joining us at our table just as our dessert arrived. BFF’s friend is a popular local music producer/ arranger/ composer/ musician… and turns out, this creative artiste’s a regular at Chalk so Mr Nice Guy convinced his buddy, the busy restaurant owner to join us.

Marcus Lau, the very elloquent and charming owner of Chalk, is certainly a man of many skills. The talented chef/businessman with plenty of years and experience under his belt, was previously from Les Amis & his wife, Lauren, was from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier. Gosh… Her beautiful souffle was excellent and I enjoyed the absolutely delicious duck I had for dinner, which Marcus so cleverly created.

As it got later, the atmosphere at the deck became more beautiful and magical… the cool breeze was a perfect contrast to the warm tiki torches out in the back and we chatted all the way till midnight, of food and drinks, dessert and art, music and service, money and business, and so much more. It’s rare to find a place here in Singapore which has a nice lofty space, fantastic fare, good service staff, and that special je na sais quoi 🙂

Chalk @ Old School in Mt Sophia is a gem, and yes, I’d definitely be back…



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4 responses to “Chalk is yummmmmmmmmmy…

  1. NanoMan

    Old School is such a retro place! There’s that yum place and also a nice cinema aka Sinema to watch movies. Its an old converted Audi with Red sofas and cushion. Best part? It’s empty most of the time so its like you book the whole place to yourself to watch a movie. You should try.

  2. MysteryM

    oh. that place! its on top a very very tall hill/mountain!!!!! i was going there for the first time with my friend and did not know it was that high up! was tired after the climb :S

  3. Khai85

    Hey, I can go there and tell my friends that I just went or came from a girl’s school! Hee. What fun. 🙂

  4. Aaron

    lol, i thought when you meant chalk is delicious as in the classroom kind of chalk. or maybe like what some of them are doing, eating clay or chalk.. haha..

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