Asia’s Most Lethal Combination in Magic: 2009 promo video

Tadah!!!! Behold, our latest Concept:Magic video is now up on YouTube! Click the embedded clip above to view it 🙂 Despite our crazy, hectic work schedule, we’d been working on this labor of love passionately, with every spare pocket of time we had. And now, it’s finally done! Woot! Our main objective obviously, was to create something new and freshly different, which effectively showcased all that we are *grin*

To be completely honest… the big push was an ugly shove last year when we realized some performers actually ripped us off. Talk about unoriginal – these folks actually used the same exact music track (from the billions available in the world, go figure) as our prior promo video, right down to the explosion sound effect right at the end *rolls eyes* Anyone like a professional event producer, seasoned agent/ booker watching the two (ours and this later copy) can easily tell that objectively, their video format was a total copy of ours and it’s just plain disgusting.

Though it’s very frustrating, that is actually nothing new because since I can remember, we’ve always had cases of magicians (professionals, wannabes, etc) here and overseas who blatantly steal our intellectual property by lifting and copying stuff from our websites to use for their own. The funny thing is, these guys actually illogically lash out when we contact them to remove the bits after specifically pointing out their plagiarism accordingly 😦 Like seriously, did their folks really raise them that way? Imitation is SO not a form of flattery.

Anyways, do check out J C’s blog for his personal take and more about our brand new promo video – this latest Concept:Magic baby features our milestones, track records, besides the obvious 😉 It’s also got stuff from our various showcases from television, news, media, live shows, mega stunts, large scale mega illusions, customized events and a lot more. As always, please feel free to rate our new video on YouTube and leave your comments!

Ta for now, more later…



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7 responses to “Asia’s Most Lethal Combination in Magic: 2009 promo video

  1. MysteryM

    As said before. This new promo rawks! 😀

  2. KopyKat

    That video is fresh and new. I like the way it flows from 2007 to 2009. All that has been done since 2007. Cool stuff.

  3. Ming

    Someone did a copy? :S Well, at least you guys now have a new video and this new one’s Great! Something good indirectly came out of it. 🙂 Thats the bright side of things.

  4. BlueTornado

    Fantastic 2009 video trailer! With this much content in it, I wonder what 2010 trailer will look like. Haa.. Maybe I’m thinking too far ahead.

  5. Aaron

    yea, i totally hate doing work and not receiving any credit for it. i wonder how so many people can just copy things without batting an eyelid. on the other hand, it also means that these people are so far behind in many ways, and the best they can put up is a poor imitation.

  6. Jack

    hmm.. why don’t you guys go ahead and sue them? i bet you guys can earn a big deal out of it. lol.. but of course, it’s not for the money, but to tell the world that you’re gonna take serious action against any more of such behaviour..

  7. Will

    actually, i think that any imitations are always very far from the originals, and can never be compared to the real thing. i don’t understand how people can be unable to tell imitations from originals. perhaps they are looking too much at the cost?

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