Photos from Magic Babe’s gig at Quincy’s grand opening…

Check it out… I just got a ton of photos last week from Mr Daryl Lee, the very sophisticated and eloquent deputy director aka the professional in-charge of the brand new Quincy Hotel in town.

If you didn’t already know, well, Quincy is the latest boutique hotel by Far East Organization and trust me when I say this… she sure is PRETTY! I’d absolutely love to go back again… if you swing by, you’d understand why I am so absolutely in love with it.

Anyways, I was booked for my one gal stage show, Deadly Sexy Magic, the very night I touched down from my Kuching trip – and it was actually my third performance for the day, right after our customised gig for Standard Charted’s official launch of their new Visa Infinite card & of course, Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, our daily show at Clarke Quay.

The crowd at the all-important event consisted of VIPs, media, beautiful people and the who’s who… and though the staging was a tad tricky, it was one of my more memorable performances because I successfully triumphed over the challenging logistics and pulled off an entertaining performance.

Here’s a couple of my fave photos from that wonderful night at Quincy’s… Check it out!

Magic Babe’s samurai sword and magic rope routine… nawa dojo, anyone? 😉

My magic linking coat hangers routine done to a mojo-groovin’ sexy mix…

Mind reading done up close and personal with a willing audience member…

Bingo… a perfect prediction. Don’t mess with a woman’s intuition. Meowrrrr…

Magic Babe’s straightjacket striptease becomes a cheeky Ménage à trois on stage…

This ‘lil girl loves playin with fire… a little hot flirtation ends with a passionately hot fiery kiss…

 If you wanna know more about what happened that night, you can read all about it in my older blog post here!



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6 responses to “Photos from Magic Babe’s gig at Quincy’s grand opening…

  1. Pam

    i love the pics, esp the ropes one. v cool indeed! the expression of the guy in yellow is hilarious tho… looks like you really wow-ed the crowd, girl! *wink*

  2. Aaron

    that’s a scary look you have on the second last photo.. looks like you’re out to kill someone.. i better not make you angry.. :p

  3. Jack

    wow, the 2nd photo is really sexy! no wonder they call u the sexiest female magician. wow. so hot!

  4. BeMyAngels

    the guy in yellow looks very enthusiastic. haaa. 😛 anyway, love the pictures for this event. looks fantastic. 🙂

  5. NanoMan

    6th picture is so hot! I love the way you hold the fire and look like you’re saying “you are next!”. Hot stuff there.

  6. Will

    is it normal for the audience to be standing? i’ve always observed that the audience are seated. this is the first time i’ve actually ssen the audience standing..

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