Photos from BTS gig in Kuching, Malaysia…

Mr Ng Chee Wee, Chairman of the Malaysian Institute of Architects Sarawak Chapter, blogged about our BTS gig last week and even uploaded photos taken during the big event which saw both JC & I fly up to Kuching last month to perform our wicked brand of magic 🙂

It’s fabulous that he and the rest of the team in the organising council totally enjoyed themselves *grin* He & David (the prior Chairman) said that it was money well spent & they’d all love to see more. Several of the committee members have also emailed to say that they’d definitely check out Ultimate Magic @ The Arena when they come to Singapore.

Anyways… Here’s a couple of photos taken off Chee Wee’s blog of J C & yours truly at work. Readers of my blog would remember that J C was booked to do a street-magic styled performance & me, my full 30 min one gal stage show *grin*

J C wows the hearty crowd of 500+ with some visual money magic…

David and I have some cheeky fun on stage, with my regulation straight jacket…

…It’s not called Magic Babe’s straightjacket striptease for nothing *wink*

J C assists me in presenting my finale illusion which boogled everyone’s minds 😉

My one gal show, Deadly Sexy Magic, closed with me performing 3" Hole – an illusion designed by none other than Mr Sum himself, which saw me magically squeeze through the small hole in the front of a locked box and get myself inside the tiny confines in just a wee second. Blink and you’d miss it!

Reading CW’s informative blog on food, travel and the works… I can’t help but recall my smashing time in Kuching, Sarawak. Our hosts were wonderful and truly, Malaysian hospitality is really something You can bet that I’m looking forward to yet another oppurtunity to head up there *grin*



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4 responses to “Photos from BTS gig in Kuching, Malaysia…

  1. FruitLop

    Part 2 of Kuching! Is there a video of JC Sum performing his close up magic somewhere? I love close up magic.

  2. BeMyAngels

    The pictures looks good. How I wish I can be paid to travel overseas. 🙂 Very fun lifestyle.

  3. Aaron

    haha.. looks like a fun time over there! how come i can’t get a job where i have fun like you do? you get to cut up your boss, do magic.. wow, i’d really love that for a change!

  4. Val

    aloo…..the part of live BTS 2009 Gala Dinner video editting done..nothing much to say, just feel good

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