Sixth sense technology now a reality…

I just came across this on, a fantastic site that I’ve been checking out since I got to know about it from the BFF last year, and I’m just SO thrilled! The rate in which modern technology develops is just simply amazing. Check out the video above!

Can you imagine that in the very near future, we’d be able to pull out tech abilities as featured in Minority Report? Using your eyes and hands naturally to pull up information that you require on whatever you need – true instant information at your fingertips, and not via using your mobile phone for online searches. Goodness gravy!!!! Doesn’t it just sound like the stuff from movies? Well, it’s now not reel life… but real life!

This wearable device allows you to access instant information in a completely new interactive way, which cleverly merges reality with informative data. Kudos to the MIT team for this excellent brainchild. I’m so impressed by their foresight and accomplishment. The displayed prototype works fine, though it’s a tad chunky but give them sometime and it’d definitely be aesthetically sleeker or there may even be a way to plant this on people 🙂

It’s just so super cool that we finally have real hi-tech virtual reality gadgets reflecting the new millenium, which people from the past could only imagine. This new invention in particular is really intense… gosh, I honestly can’t wait for Sixth Sense to be eventually available to the masses. Yes, yes, the closet geek in me talking 😛 Oh gosh, I’m just so in love!!!



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6 responses to “Sixth sense technology now a reality…

  1. NanoMan

    And to think communicators like those in the old Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle were just fantasy and now we have mobile phones with that capabilities. Now even a movie is coming true. 🙂 Uber! 😀

  2. BeMyAngels

    That’s pretty cool technology. Wonder what will these people think about next?

  3. Larry

    Good for people like me that doesn’t wear a watch and like instant information. 🙂 It does require a cell phone that have 3G access which will enable the any area “internet” surfing.

  4. FruitLop

    If that became real. It would be simple surreal! It’s like the future. But instead its now. Do I make any sense? haaa…

  5. Aaron

    oh my god! it looks so much like the com in minority report! it’s so cool la.. but i bet it’ll be very very expensive.

  6. Jack

    wow, incredible! technology at your fingertips.. don’t know how long we’ll have to wait though..

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