Happy April’s Fool Day!

It’s APRIL FOOLS!!!! Did you have fun, did ya, did ya, did ya? 😉

Well I did… I totally PWNED Matt at work today when I nonchalantly handed him a scribbled ‘while you were out’ note with 2 contacts to follow up with. And he did of course, since it’s his job as show manager.

Innocently munching on snacks as I stood next to Matt, seeing him dutifully punch in those numbers noted on the post-it I gave him, I hid my grin and tried my best not to let out a gleeful chuckle. I started to flip through an open magazine at Matt’s desk, trying my best to look as nonchalant and innocent as usual. Right.

Looking confused and perplexed, Matt finally put down the phone and looked at me with wide eyes. "They said that there’s no such person."

But of course. Finally letting it out of the bag, I mischieviously squealed. I’d given him the contact information of Mr Benjamin Behr of the Singapore Zoo & Miss Lina Lyon from the Night Safari. I hadn’t told him which organisations those numbers were from of course… and it finally clicked inside his head.

Get it…?

Mr Bear from the Zoo & Miss Lion from the Night Safari? 😉

Wuahahahahaha. It was an uproar in the office with him trying to smack my butt later, for making him inevitably do prank calls 😛 Well hullo, April Fools only comes by once a year *wink* But right now, yes, I so totally PUNKED him!


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8 responses to “Happy April’s Fool Day!

  1. cardistry2007

    Behr and Lyon of the zoo? Haa… I should have thought of that. I shall do it next year!

  2. BeMyAngels

    Such prankster. haa… What else did you do today? any other interesting pranks to share?

  3. BlueTornado

    OWNAGE! 😀

  4. blake

    poor dude. haaaa. he must have been very blur or something when they said there was no such person on the other end. poor dude.

  5. Aaron

    omg, how funny.. how fun it must be. my company had totally no time to breathe though.. so much work on the first day of the financial year.. sigh.

  6. Jack

    imagine if there was indeed a person with a similar name.. now that would really be crazy.. haha.. did you really give him the numbers of the zoo?

  7. Will

    haha.. i can imagine you prancing around like the clown.. or laughing at matthew after he tried calling. it’s really quite bad.. lol..

  8. FruitLop

    nice one! should have done more pranks and make use of April 1st fully 😛 what other jokes did you do that day?

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