It’s incredible how low some people go…

I’ve got a philosophy… if/when you lend money, never expect it to come back.

It’s a view that always seems to ring true, because most of the time, money lent never usually returns. A couple of friends and I were having a casual chat today when we meandered into this subject and it made me recall one of the dirtiest low-life scumbags I’d ever encountered.

This incident happened early last year, way before this global financial crisis happened and I haven’t heard from the jerk since. It’s a classic case, and here’s what happened.

I’d received a text message which was obviously a mass SMS, from someone I knew years back when I was a struggling film student working part-time at a popular restaurant in town. Chris Lee was a Malaysian service team leader working in Singapore then… and most of the co-workers always felt he was quite the show-off who always flashed his collection of credit cards whenever he could. We weren’t close so I was very surprised he kept my number after all these years.

The guy sent out a distress signal in his SMS, saying that he needed money urgently to pay for a very important procedure for his unborn child who may have down’s syndrome. Me being me, I responded and asked for details because I genuinely wanted to help but didn’t want to rudely intrude or unintentionally be an ass. Chris sounded extremely upset and was ecstatic when I finally said OK to lend him the five hundred bucks he needed.

So Chris came over my office and I wrote him a cash cheque for the full amount, while he promised to return everything back once he got his paycheck from the new company he was working at. The man stayed for almost an hour, reminiscing the past and even saying that he’d make a copy of all the photos and DVD of happy company events we had.

Of course he never did.

The end of the month came and went & after giving Chris an extra 2 weeks grace, I broke the silence and texted him to ask if all was OK. He finally responded that the bosses of the restaurant hadn’t paid him or any of the staff. I asked him how his wife and child was and he was vague – it was only then that I realized it wasn’t a life or death procedure as my dramatic accquaintance had craftily made it sound. The baby scan was a regular one, and it wasn’t as if his unborn child was having down’s syndrome or anything.


The glib talker promised to swing by with the money when he got his paycheck the month after, and of course that never happened. Maybe in some other dimension, but not in this reality. It was so laughable as well the next month after, when Chris very sullenly texted me that the Jap-fushion restaurant that ‘he worked at’ had been closed for days, when I was actually sitting in there, having my dinner.


Well. So much for giving the benefit of doubt. I guess that’s how much the ‘friendship’ cost – a S$500.00 lesson that in this twisted world, some guys can be unethical scum bags who are capable of shamelessly using their unborn kids as blatant excuses to borrow money from good-hearted people with only the kindest intentions, only to squander on football betting or whatever it may be.

Isn’t it just disgusting?! To actually drop phases like "down’s syndrome" …it’s just such caddish behavior. I believe in karma and I honestly feel very sad for his wife and unborrn kid that he’s so dishonest and manipulative. Well, presuming they exist of course – I just don’t know what to believe anymore. It’s extremely disappointing, since I did respect Chris as a senior when I was a kid… but then, such is life I guess. Ah well 🙂 Life lesson learnt, moving on!


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6 responses to “It’s incredible how low some people go…

  1. Khai85

    thats so true. there was a teacher I had once who said the same thing. only lend money when you dont want the money return. well, i suppose $500 was the cost of the lesson. :S but still. that type of guy is terrible.

  2. Aaron

    my, that’s really a lot of money to pay for a lesson.. fortunately, i’ve never had friends who borrowed such amounts. i’ll be careful next time.

  3. leon

    well… i did lent my friends larger sums of money… they did returned… guess Im lucky.. =)

  4. BeMyAngels

    I hate those kind of guys that do such thing. Borrow money and then dont return. Worse is tell a lie to get money. I also believe in Karma so I suppose nothing too much to worry about.

  5. Whodunnit

    interesting philosophy. sort of similar to mine when it comes to money. i prefer not lend money at all to anyone except my super close friends and family if the amount is large. makes my life easier.

  6. GoblinGrenade

    That seriously sucks. Friendships are priceless, and to think he threw it away with $500. :S

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