You Live Once by Tan Su-Ming

My charming doctor friend, who I got to know through the BFF, recently released her very own music CD. It’s an admirable feat because it’s her very own pet project and since I promised her many months ago to blog about it… here it is 🙂

See: You Live Once by Su

You MUST check it out. I never imagined that this unassuming looking GP with her own practice to be such a vocal talent, but trust me, the woman is just amazing. I’ve been playing her songs at the office and the fellas at work simply assumed it was by an international jazz singer, because Su is just that good.

She’s absolutely one Singapore talent and her style kinda reminds me of Corrine May, my all-time fave local musician who’s come really far 🙂 I fell in love with her music when her very first alblum came out, and have never been disappointed ever since.

Su’s voice is rich, husky and smooth, sweetly sensual like good chocolate. You can never get enough. My personal favorite on her alblum is Track #2 – entitled TANGO; it’s the only non-English song in the CD and Su truly impressed me with her beautiful rendition of it.

So please don’t wait – support this local talent now, who’s so courageously chased her dreams and made it a reality 🙂 The Esplanade Shop at the Esplanade retails the CD, so spread da word!



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9 responses to “You Live Once by Tan Su-Ming

  1. BeMyAngels

    A GP and a musician. That’s pretty cool. Local talent in Singapore seems to slowly increase and the quality is good. So how about Magic Babe? Is she going to be magician and something else as well? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Khai85

    i would love to hear a sample. i like listening to jazz music on a slack sunday. is there one online?

  3. SpiderPower

    for some reason I just assumed that the non-english song will be in mandarin or something. surprised to see that its in Portuguese. but its titled TANGO. so not that big a surprise.

  4. BlueTornado

    That’s following one’s passion. A doc who went to be a singer during her free time. One word. Awesome.

  5. Aaron

    wow, that’s cool! it’s really rare that doctors get to pursue their dreams.. and this doctor really sets an example of living ur life to the fullest.

  6. Will

    the title says it all. it’s really good doing what you really like. but of course, you’ve got to have the finances..

  7. ZY90

    got any demo online can listen? curious on how the album would sound. should be good I think since Magic Babe is relaxing to it. 😛

  8. FruitLop

    Wow. You seem to have the most interesting of friends. 🙂 Doctors who are Singers! Magician friends. etc… So interesting…

  9. Jack

    i’ve heard the cd, and it’s really good. it’s really infuriating why people who do well in academic areas can also do so well in music. haha.. it’s really a worthy buy. 🙂

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