Ultimate Magic season 2 postcards now out…

Tadah!!!! You may have seen these brand new postcards out on all ZoCARD counters nationwide featuring Season 2 of Ultimate Magic @ The Arena 🙂 These are the latest batch, different from the first design run last year.

The back of these snazzy postcard provide information about our country’s first permanent illusion show, which as you know, is endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board.

If you’re observant, you’d realize that the artwork for these cards is in fact the very same used on the Clarke Quay giant billboard which also features J C & yours truly… it’s been there for many months now, and if you drive past The Arena you’d notice it on your left.

Mucho kudos to The Arena for their marketing efforts in promoting our daily show *grin* There’s going to be some changes pertaining to Ultimate Magic after next month when the current season ends, so stay tuned for details 😉



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6 responses to “Ultimate Magic season 2 postcards now out…

  1. MysteryM

    WUHAHAHAH. Thats funny. Why did you censor off the eyes? Hilariously entertaining. 🙂 haa… anyway I think I saw em at Esplanade. Will there be a new one for the new season coming up?

  2. Whodunnit

    eh! I think I know that guy with the censored eyes! 😛 but cool postcards. will go and collect them this weekend.

  3. BeMyAngels

    SOO cute monkey with the ZOcard. The person holding the card looks very similar to your stage partner J C Sum. They must be related. Just joking.
    The cards look good. Maybe I should send some of my friends mail.

  4. Aaron

    lol.. mugshots for jc sum. i like to do that kind of thing too! though i dun really have a camera around me all the time.. lol..

  5. Will

    omg, that monkey is so cute! my gf will go crazy over it if she sees it.. haha.. and the mugshots are really funny too.

  6. Jack

    where are the height labels? lol.. we used to do that at school in the past! except that we drew the lines for the height on the whiteboard.. haha..

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