3 back-to-back gigs right after touchdown!

Bidding goodbye to the new friends we made in Kuching, Sarawak after last night’s gig, J C & I caught our flight back to Singapore and touched down at Changi airport in the early afternoon. Bossman managed to catch sleep on the plane but I just couldn’t relax… my mind was just way too wake and I couldn’t help but keep thinking about the three back-to-back performances I had later.

I was very sad to find the special lock on my new Samsonite luggage which the BFF specially got me, missing and gone… the airport security (Malaysia or Singapore, I’m not sure) must have removed it to check the contents in my red bag, I suppose, as some of my performance props were in there… but they didn’t return it and latch my TSA lock back. Grrrrr. How frikkin unprofessional are these idiots?!

The USA approved pro travel lock isn’t very expensive and I can probably get it quite easily, but I’m just extremely upset because it’s of sentimental value as with gifts from friends are. Know what I mean? These airport dudes shouldn’t abuse their authority anyway. It’s a huge cheese off.

Anyways, as peeved as I was, I had more pressing matters to attend to. The Concept:Magic team were split up to prep the 3 back-to-back events that we had right after arriving back in Singapore. Heading to the office for a quick load up, J C & I got ready for our Standard Charted gig at Shangrila. The guys were already at the venue with the tech issues all settled and the illusions set in place for this customised gig that J C & I had specially scripted to perform with our magic.

Our dear friend, Mark aka the Flying Dutchman of Mediacorp Class 95’s fame, was the suave emcee of the evening. On stage, J C & I performed our brand of urban illusions in the city… ending with my fave illusion, Light & Space, where we magically produced a huge Visa Infinite credit card from nowhere. I was requested to stay on stage and hand off the giant credit card to four VIPs on stage.

Though we had to zoom off next to Clarke Quay, the client and event producer personally thanked us for a great performance and that made my day (well okay, it made me a tad less sad about my poor missing luggage lock) that they were genuinely happy because we perfectly delivered what was promised. It was a crazy rush for us to set up and get ready for Ultimate Magic @ The Arena which as you know, is our hour long illusion show which is endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board as our country’s first permenent illusion show.

There was an initial technical difficulty but J C & I had a great crowd who were totally captivated and blown away with our dynamic ending, because no one expected it *grin* Before I could even take a pee break though, I was whisked away right after the show and we drove like mad to our next performance venue in town. It was at the brand new boutique hotel called Quincy, and I was booked to perform my one gal show… Deadly, Sexy Magic!

It was an important event and they had the who’s who in town there, so besides the stage being mine, I had to play to a specially set-up video camera too which had a ‘live’ feed going through to various screens at the party venue. We reached in time and pumped with adrenaline, I was all set to do my best despite the tricky logistics.

It was a great experience; something I appreciated because it simply challenged me. Like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… and I’m glad for the chance to be  able to push myself as a performance artist. The client and event producer were happy & they brought us around to meet a couple of VIPs and folks from the media.

To my surprise, I met a childhood friend who I’d lost touch with for about a decade. Jess spotted me first and she practically grabbed me when I got off stage *LOL* The girl hasn’t changed much, she still looks as sweet but she definitely has a strong English accent going 😛 A year younger than me, Jessica’s my brainy junior from MGS and we lived next door to each other, but we lost touch after she went to the UK to study. Now she’s serving her scholarship bond and working at the business desk for SPH. Nice. It was a nice turn of events and we swapped contacts.

Reaching home, I felt like a completely flat roti prata and decided to pamper myself by soaking in the bathtub… I honestly can’t wait for the weekend. After tomorrow’s gig, I’d so totally love to chill and unwind… Oh yeahhh…



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3 responses to “3 back-to-back gigs right after touchdown!

  1. BeMyAngels

    That’s sad. 😦 Getting the locks cut then never returned it. Maybe should have asked the airline or smthing where the lock went? Maybe can get it back.

  2. Michellllee

    Small World meeting an old friend after years. haaa. I bet it was a pleasant shock meeting her again. It’s really weird when it happens but pleasant. 🙂

  3. Whodunnit

    An event with who’s who in town sounds very impressive. Meeting a friend there must only mean that people from your school tend to become successful? haa.. Must send my kids there to MGS to study when I do have kids so that they can be successful people.

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