A Night of Magic in Cat City

It was a 6AM wake up call in order to meet J C on time at Changi Airport for our early morning flight to Sarawak, Malaysia as we’ve been booked to perform at the prestigious Building Trade Show 2009 Gala Dinner (held once every two years) for the Malaysian Institute of Architects, Sarawak chapter.

Bossman was booked for his slick brand of mingling close-up magic & yours truly was booked for Deadly, Sexy Magic… that’s right, my one-gal solo performance which sees me doing fire eating, a sensous straight jacket ‘striptease’ and more on stage.

The flight was pretty smooth and we were very well taken care of; greeted by two very sweet gentlemen, Mr Chuo & Mr Bong, who were council members. With all our stuff loaded up in a SUV, we sat in another and were brought to the very nice hotel they’d prepared for us prior. The Waterfront Majestic was lovely and I got a non-smoking room on a very high floor 🙂

Anyways, J C & I got our rooms and proceeded to freshen up after carefully checking to ensure that none of our props & equipment got damaged. It was then a meet-up with the very efficient BTS organising team at the hotel’s cafe and for the very first time, we (finally) met each other face to face *grin*

There were some changes to J C’s segment and we ended up having to do a street magic on TV styled segment for him, with him entertaining everyone in the front of ballroom while I handled the rest of the tech requirements needed for his segment to go through smoothly.

As a film student majoring in TV & video production, working on the vision mixer (hooked up to three ‘live’ cameras) and calling cues for lights, sound, etc is no sweat. It’s actually something I really enjoy as well, and I’d worked on a couple of productions prior… so J C had full trust and confidence in me 😛

Apparently the council had gotten Singapore’s very own Phua Chu Kang (our dear friend Gurmit Singh from Mediacorp) for the last event, but tonight, we were the main source of entertainment. J C opened the show for me with his gig at the front of the ballroom, which had multiple cameras following him as he did his interactive magic close-up and personal. Everything he performed was clearly broadcast on the giant screens so all 800+ people in the fancy ballroom could enjoy themselves and be amazed.

When it was Magic Babe‘s turn on stage, the crowd went wild & they were a really fantastic audience. I totally enjoyed performing for them & in fact, being the cheeky gal I am, I grabbed their past council president for my straightjacket striptease act… and it simply caused a ruckus when everyone saw David up on stage with me 😉 Mr Popular was a great sport in strapping me up snug and tight.

The show went SWELL and in fact, after the event, there were a couple of guys who came backstage to talk to us & take photos. There were also 2 young flourisher/magicians who chatted with us – apparently I’m the very first professional female magician they’ve even seen 🙂 Making our way back to our rooms, we encountered several happy guests who shook our hands and extended their warm Malaysian hospitality.

We were then invited to a special VIP cocktail reception on the top floor of the hotel by our client, the org council and they were thrilled that J C & I joined them after setting down all our props and equipment in our rooms. They were an extremely hearty bunch & it gladdened me that the bunch loved what we did so much. The architects kept recounting our various effects and we were all having a great time *grin* Here’s some pictures from the day…

Key cards for our rooms at the lovely Riverside Majestic Hotel in Kuching, Sarawak…

J C’s intro up on stage, with yours truly busy at the console calling all the tech cues…

The entire ballroom of 800+ could see visual magic on the giant screens

The very sporting David strapping me up tight, much to the applause of the hearty crowd...

Magic Babe doing her thing on stage…

Yours truly with some members of the wonderful org team who made this event happen…

The last picture I took for the night before my memory kinda got fuzzy from all the after-event party booze…

The president of the committee, a real Mr Nice Guy, plied us with some really strong and smooth vodka from Mongolia. Sweet! I had fun at the after event party but we couldn’t stay the whole nine yards because it was already close to midnight and J C & I hadn’t had dinner yet. Plus, we had to turn in early because we’ve got 3 performance gigs scheduled tomorrow right after we touch down in Singapore. Yep, no kidding, all back to back!

Anyways, I had a great time in the city of cats… mine was an awesome experience as the place’s clean, safe and the people’s really friendly, so I hope to be back. Check out J C’s take about tonight’s gig on his blog here 😉

Ta for now, more later!



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7 responses to “A Night of Magic in Cat City

  1. Val

    Once i roll back my recording for BTS Gala Nite..i can ever thinking and realized that kind of super magic, make me try it at home..em

  2. FruitLop

    Meooww. Is Kuching called Kuching cause there are many cats? Purr… 🙂

  3. NanoMan

    I was like looking forward to seeing pictures of the Kuching. 😦 Dont have any ah? But from reading your entry, looks like you had fun time performing, especially the straight jacket escape. 🙂

  4. blake

    Closeup magic and Stage magic? Wow. Sounds like a very entertaining night. I would have loved to see the closeup magic. (Vodka… Sounds yummy.)

  5. Val

    sit next to super star during the show..make me worst..worried. alert for any single scene to produce to giant screen..thanxs god for good corporate with Miss Ning!hope u will bck to Kuching again

  6. Aaron

    both of you are just so impressive! i can’t imagine any other magician invited to a gig on a plane! u guys really do singapore proud!

  7. Jack

    erm, why is it cat city? omg, vip session cocktail? that must be super nice with all the best wines and everything! how come i don’t get to attend such events? :p

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