Our darling magic talents…

You may have been one of the hundreds to have seen them perform in Clarke Quay during our special variety arts segment during Magic Day @ the Arena presented by Magic Boutique last month… but in case you missed them in action, here’s Larry the Escape Guy & Kinetic Gal!

Yes, they’re part of our magic team and I’m really proud of them. Like yours truly, Larry’s a scholar too. He graduated from NTU and not many people may know this but the guy’s also the receipient of the Lee Kuan Yew ITE Award & Nanyang Scholarship Award. We’ve been friends for years but it was only last year that my talented friend joined me at Concept:Magic after graduating from University.

If you recall my very first Magic Babe promo video which was done years ago, you’d notice that Larry was actually the very spectator I grabbed on stage to strap me up for my straightjacket striptease routine *wry grin* It was really to ‘punish’ him for not showing up for my birthday bash a couple of days prior to the event. Hurrhurhurhur… Fate kinda works in a strange way now, since he’s now our professional fire & escapes guy with his own personal striaghtjacket now. Hurhurhurhurhur…

Adeline, one of my closest friends, is my invaluable partner in Magic Boutique and the capable smart cookie helps with the daily operations of the business. You may already be aware that she’s been featured in SPH’s Business Times newspaper as an industrious local undergraduate with interesting talents and skills.

In fact, there’s been over 15 private show bookings for Kinetic Gal this month alone… so yes, my ‘little sister’ has been doing SWELL in the local birthday market, but what makes me prouder is the fact that Ade’s so much more than just a talent. Working hard and diligently, she’s learnt so much with aspect to show production and more, and has certainly applied herself.

Besides Ade & Larry, we’ve also got other amazing entertainers. Another talent on our team is, Matthew Lee, a fantastic close-up magic professional who’s very highly sought after in the corporate booking scene. You’d seen him in action at Magic Day @ The Arena when the talented sleight of hand artist performed some wicked parlor styled magic, and even gave a well-received street magic workshop to the masses who came. Matt is definitely one man with many skills, that’s for sure!

In fact, we’ve got a new talent currently training and working closely with us right now. He’s a passionate young man with amazing potential, who I’ve personally known for years now & I’m thrilled to witness his exponential growth with us. Great news is, after being groomed by us for some months now, he’s ready to be tested by the real world 😉 Bedroom magicians who only perform for themselves in front of a mirror would realize that performing for true audiences for the first time can actually be a scary, daunting experience… some of you may know.

Anyways, as you already know, Concept:Magic (which J C founded way back in 1998) is currently looking for the right folks to join our motivated team. If you’re interested in what we do and think you’d be a great addition to the family, don’t hesistate – check out our website now for full details here or click on the web banner below 🙂 I hope to see you soon!



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8 responses to “Our darling magic talents…

  1. BeMyAngels

    Looks like Concept:Magic is a company full of friends. No wonder you love your job so much. Full of good company everyday.

  2. ZY90

    Fate is always funny. And Singapore is small. I suppose its a matter of time that you end up working with people you knew? 🙂

  3. Aaron

    oh my, i see myself on the youtube video.. haha.. it was really fun tying larry up though. :p maybe that counts if i wanna be part of concept:magic? :p

  4. Jack

    ooh, i saw matthew at a company event, and he was really good! me and my friends were all stunned by his performance. my god, he was good!

  5. Ming

    that’s a pretty funky group to work with. 🙂 have you guys found any suitable candidates yet? or are you all still filtering and interviewing them?

  6. SpiderPower

    Wah. Everyone doing so well your company. So good le. Wonder who will join you guys. haaa..

  7. FruitLop

    waah.. Kinetic Girl seems very popular. 15 shows in a month. she must be good.

  8. Will

    oh, i see the videos are from magic day that time.. it would be great if matthew’s performance then was recorded too. too bad there’re none.

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