J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning are hiring!

That’s right… Concept:Magic is now hiring and if you think you’ve got what it takes, click here now.

J C blogged about it just the other day so if you wanna see what the Bossman has to say, you should read it up here on his personal blog. This is the very first time that we’re doing things this way, and finally so… you have no idea but we’ve had to reject many people along the way back then as the timing just wasn’t right, till NOW 🙂

Our professional magic team’s a really awesome bunch – if you met us at Magic Day @ The Arena, you’d have an inkling *grin* I guess it’s safe to say that everyone’s doing well and we’re all extremely, completely, TOTALLY passionate about what we do. As you know… Magic has many facets and everyone of us has their very own different USPs, but this was always something we’d dreamt of doing once we were done with University *beams*

2009 is going to be an incredible year for us because we’ve got several MAJOR projects happening, so whoever joins the Concept:Magic team will definitely get an experience of a lifetime. Vacancies are extremely limited as we only want the best suitable candidates – ladies may apply too of course, it’s not just the guys – and only genuinely nice folks need apply.

Being in the business for awhile, I’ve come to a point where I seriously don’t care anymore what others may say behind our backs because there will always be stupid rumors and unfounded lies, as the inevitable fact is simply, people like to gossip. They may not know the individuals personally or even understand the truth of events that happened; they simply spread hearsay. Sad but true – such is life.

As I mentioned in my Jul’08 TQR interview with John Teo, President of the International Brotherhood of Magicians Ring 115 last year… An unofficial guide to see how successful a magician is, which I’ve come to learn, is how well-liked you are by other magicians. The more a magician is disliked (due to jealousy) by peers, the more successful that magician tends to be. Just look at the masses of magicians who hate Criss Angel. Before him it was David Blaine. And prior to him, David Copperfield. You get my point.

But anyways, I digress. Coming back and moving forward, the fact of the matter really is this: We’re absolute professionals when it comes to work but internally, we’re like a family… a close-knit one, with absolutely no political BS or any negative energy like that. And we’d like to keep it that way. I mean… to put it in perspective, I spend a big chunk of my 24 daily hours at work so I like to keep it pleasant. I’m sure it is for the guys as well, as they get to be my personal slaves… Larry’s more than happy to personally feed me grapes from a silver platter while Matthew paints my toenails and J C plays the harp, as the rest of the minions… er, fellas, run my errands for me. Ahhhh, ain’t life sweet.

Right. If only 😉 But hey, a girl can dream right? Hurhurhur…

Seriously now, don’t hesistate or you’d miss the boat… click the web-link banner above NOW if you seriously think you’ve got what it takes to be one of us. Good luck!



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3 responses to “J C Sum & ‘Magic Babe’ Ning are hiring!

  1. BeMyAngels

    A chance to work side by side and rub shoulders with Magic Babe Ning everyday. Sounds like fun. 🙂 Which lucky person will get that position? 😛 An idea! Maybe you can have an audition ala American Idol style and post it up on youtube? 3 judges. 😛 haaa. that would be an interesting…

  2. SpiderPower

    Minions! Lol. I would love to have minions too. Do I need to learn magic or can I just get super powers and then get minions? Joking. Anyway what’s USP?

  3. Ming

    ‘The more a magician is disliked by peers, the more successful that magician tends to be.’ I think its normal lor in anything. Competition will always be there. There are plenty of ppl who hate Micheal Jackson yet he still doing well.

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