Five Stars Carnival: The Final Episode


If you missed the final episode of Mediacorp Channel 8’s Five Star Carnival aka 翱翔万里伍星夜 last night, check it out in high-def here or click on the embedded video up above. It sees us performing my all-time fave illusion, Light & Space 🙂 Don’t blink… cos now you see me, now you don’t!

We’ve actually received fantastic response for our guest appearance on the entire variety show series which was shown on prime-time TV. As you probably already know, Channel 8 is Singapore’s most watched television channel so we definitely caught many eyeballs! *grin*

Light & Space was designed years ago by my onstage partner J C Sum and it’s featured in one of his professional illusion design books. Check out his blog for more about it… we’ve performed this in many events here and overseas & it never fails to receive tremendous reactions from the crowd who are watching closely, surrounded 😉

So hey, if you’ve yet to experience Light & Space, watch the clip now!!!



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5 responses to “Five Stars Carnival: The Final Episode

  1. Will

    oh my god! how did you do that? your hand was there, and then, you disappeared!

  2. BeMyAngels

    The final episode. 😥 Awww. Now don’t get to see my favorite local female magician on Sunday nights. Any alternatives for me?

  3. Michellllee

    i saw this last Sunday night on tv with my family. i didnot know you were performing every episode on 5 stars carnival. haa.. me and my family loved it to bits.

  4. MysteryM

    fantastic illusion. i can’t figure it out how its done. looking forward to see more magic from you in the future in the TVs 🙂

  5. Jack

    hey, i’ve never seen this act before! wow, it’s good! especially the timing for ning vanishing, it was perfect!

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