Somaly Mam: a true hero

TIME magazine recognised her as a person of great importance last year and IMHO, Somaly Mam is really one incredible woman. The uber savvy BFF had told me about her some time ago but it was only when I started finding out more about this human rights activist that I was really impressed. This stunning woman completely blows me away – she’s simply amazing.

Somaly was sold into child prostitution at a very young age and does not know her real age, birthday, name or kin. This awesome tough cookie survived all odds, changed her fate and through much courage and determination, has been fighting human trafficking. It’s incredible but this Cambodian jem has saved over thousands of women and girls from a cruel fate through awareness campaigns, rescue and rehabilitation, micro-financing, providing sustainable employment and more.

Check out her books, as well as, the Somaly Mam Foundation website when time allows… I’m seriously impressed by everything Somaly has done; despite what she was put through. She still gets death threats from thugs who are furious with her efforts against sexual slavery & these horrid nasties have even warned Somaly that they’d personally kidnap her children. But still, she presses on. She’s no doubt, a true hero in my eyes.

The world needs more people like her



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5 responses to “Somaly Mam: a true hero

  1. blake

    Tough and brave lady! What she went thru must have been terrible. And she successfully overcame all odds and now trying to help more people who were in her position. Incredible!

  2. Pam

    she is amazing, because she’s not just a “volunteer” helping the street girls, but she was a victim herself, so her motivation is v deep & real. she’s unshakable.

    we were supp to fly up to phnom penh to do an interview & photo shoot with her, but she was on the run cos people were threatening her life. they even kidnapped her daughter!

    amazing, amazing woman…. thanks for writing about somaly mam on your blog, sweetie.

  3. BeMyAngels

    That is so horrible what they are doing to children there. Luckily there is a lady like her to help them. More should be done to help the kids. 😥

  4. Ade

    She is truly inspiring. Reading about her story just reminded me how much i’m living in my own world. Compared to this lady, i’m so much more privileged and have done nothing much.

    The world needs a lot more of these kind of people.

  5. Jack

    she doesn’t know her name, age etc? that’s so sad! and what great spirit and determination she has! incredible!

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