Why I so totally love my job…

…How many folks get to do this regularly to their bosses, and get away with it? *grin*

If you missed out last Sunday’s episode of Mediacorp Channel 8’s 翱翔万里伍星夜 aka Five Stars Carnival on TV, you can check us out in action on YouTube here or click on the embedded video above 🙂 Kudos once again to sgmagicidol for uploading the magic content!

So that’s Episode 4 of the five-parter and this one shows J C & yours truly presenting Spiker… which saw itself in our very first season of Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, which is endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board & sees us perform every Monday – Saturday in Clarke Quay.

The illusion itself (Audience Accupunture) is designed by Jim Steinmeyer, who’s worked very closely with magic greats like David Copperfield, the Pendragons, Brett Daniels, Kalin & Jinger, the late Doug Henning and in fact… all of Disney’s ‘live’ productions that feature magic. Oh god. Don’t you just love the guy?

Anyways! See J C’s blog entry here for his take on this particular episode, as well as, a peek of what went on behind the scenes. He’s got a pretty hilarious bit about my Japanese sais, you know, the lethally sharp and heavy twin daggers that I twirl and flourish at speed, in the video presentation above.

So yes, don’t forget to tune in to the prime-time television variety programme this Sunday at 9pm, as it’s the very last episode of 翱翔万里伍星夜. We perform my all-time favorite illusion – a hint: it was specially featured for the media event we were exclusively invited to for STB’s media party at Cavanagh Bridge just some months ago. *grin*

No prizes for guessing, but tune in to catch us in action anyway – I’d love to find out what you think 😉



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6 responses to “Why I so totally love my job…

  1. ZY90

    ah. I dont know what you performed at STB media party! anymore hints to it? or must I wait till Sunday to watch it on tv then I would know. :S

  2. NewToMagic

    Audience Acupuncture? Maybe I should volunteer myself to get into that show. Then can have a wonderful acupuncture by Magic Babe! 😀 How much would the acupuncture cost? :X

  3. BeMyAngels

    cant wait to see the last final show this Sunday. 😀 hope its a blast with fire works~ the finale! episode 4 was also cool! spiking your boss. you must have a lot of fun doing that. 🙂

  4. Ryu2009

    Spikes through the body. Is there like holes in J C Sum that allows the spikes to go in and come out? I think no, right? Haaa.. Silly idea by me. 😀

  5. Aaron

    errr, is it really that fun poking spikes through another person? haha.. i’d love to try that.. that is, of course if the person is like jc sum and wun die.. wahahaha..

  6. Will

    i would certainly love to stick spikes through my superiors’ body. it would be such a great experience! haha.. that would be murder though..

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