It was a fitful night’s sleep last night and I woke up in the dark, with restless thoughts and old memories swirling in the gloomy depths of my head. The only way I could seek solace was through writing and after scribbling in my journal for a few quiet moments, I felt a lot better. Like one would after a good, long cry.

I’ve never been good at letting go. And this is just another instance. I really do miss my late teacher, and a decade old memories of Mrs Yu kinda got drudged up and exploded like a water dam; yesterday’s phone call being the inevitable catalyst.

And my mood hasn’t been the best lately as well… sigh. Besides the craziness of work (which is a happy thing), there’s other annoying issues happening as well, which really irk the already busy yours truly. I won’t say much because it’s just unneeded negative energy but let’s just say that I’m SO sick and  tired of unreasonable people who try to arm-wrestle like unfair, demanding terrorists due to the greed for money or some warped power trip. Nothing disgusts me more, it’s just the Libra girl in me.

Anyways, it’s mid-week… I just ordered pizza for the guys at the office, because I had cravings. We’ve all been up to our ears in work with projects both here and overseas. On top of our regular gigs at Clarke Quay, I will be flying out of Singapore later this month for a corporate gig… and there’s still so much loose ends to tie up here before I jet. Yikes!!!

Oh man… I think I need a good, strong hug 😦



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7 responses to “Memories…

  1. Ade

    *BIG BIG BIG HUGS* I’m always around if you need me.

  2. Amazzo

    so many things going on in your mind and life. i think you need to just relax and chill on a good sunday and have fun. hope you dont get too stressed up. its not good. 🙂

  3. Khai85

    Man. Not getting a good rest or sleep doesn’t sound like its good. You probably should unwind with some company. I wish you all the best in your gig overseas.

  4. Jack

    oh my.. it must be really tough. you have my support. jiayou!

  5. MysteryM

    oh man… hope the next few days and maybe even the weekend turns out for the better for you.

  6. Whodunnit

    I think having a good long cry or as what you did, writing in a journal was a good way to deal with it. At least its out of your system and you wont have to worry too much.. After all, having too much stress or too much things to think about is never good..

  7. Aaron

    jiayou! be strong and everything will be fine! life’s full of ups and downs. always look forward to the ups rather than dwell in the downs.

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