Mrs Moses Yu has passed away :(

Attention all MGS girls…

You may have read it in the newspaper obituaries today. Mrs Moses Yu passed away yesterday and the wake is held at the Singapore Casket Company, Ruby Room from 10am today. The cortege leaves on 19 March 2009 at 2.45pm for Mandai Crematorium for cremation at 3.45pm. Please pass this info on to friends who may not be aware.

Once an MGS girl, always an MGS girl.

Mrs Yu’s passing is sad, sad news 😦 I received this information via a phone call from Mrs Thomas, my beloved upper secondary school form teacher, earlier today and we talked for a long time. I was in the office when I got the call and J C had to hand me a tissue mid-way because I was crying.

I felt like crap. I always thought I’d be able to see Mrs Yu, and every time I notice a vintage classic white Volkswagen on the road, my favorite math teacher would come to mind… her matronly dressing, mother hen-like demeanor, the way she’d call me "CAI!" or "The Cai Girl!" and how she’d patiently explain to us that we should raise our hands to say "May I go to the toilet" instead of "Can"… gosh, the years of memories just came flooding back.

She, like Mrs Thomas, had also taught my mother because all the ladies in my family are true blue MGS girls… spending all 10 years of our primary and secondary education in the all-girls school. I called Mom right away after talking to Mrs T & we discussed about going down for Mrs Yu’s wake together. Sigh. It’s true… You really never know when you’d last meet a friend.

Mrs Yu, you’ll always have a place in my mind. I love you for all the things you did for me – cajoling me to join the Australian International Maths Competition and being completely and joyfully stunned when yours truly (your weakest student because I chose not to ‘apply myself’) turned out to the top few student participants in Singapore to score high distinction… and while I’ve forgotten most of the math formulas and equations, the more important things outside the textbooks are what I’d always cherish and remember you for.

Though you’re now home with your creator, know that you are dearly loved and remembered Rest in peace, Mrs Yu. I’ll still remember you everytime I see a vintage white Volkswagen.



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7 responses to “Mrs Moses Yu has passed away :(

  1. Mugger86

    thats a saddening news. my condolences.

  2. Aaron

    it is always sad to have a loved one leave you. teachers are our benefactors, and it is really saddening to feel such a loss. my condolences.

  3. ZY90

    thats sad. makes me think what happened to my primary sch and sec sch teachers. mainly primary school. havent heard from them since graduation.

  4. Amazzo

    My condolences. It’s always though losing a love one or someone you know well, like a teacher. I hope you are feeling better already.

  5. Choi

    I never expect so many blogs to mention Mrs Yu when I googled her name. She was my Math teacher too…..always decorating my Math exercise books with comments. And those were the only exercise books I kept as momento of my Sec 4 days.Mrs Thomas is still around. She taught you biology?

  6. ning

    Hi Choi

    Yes, Mrs Thomas taught me Biology and she’ll be at the wake this evening. You should swing by if you can. I unfortunately have my nightly performances at Clarke Quay and won’t be able to attend tonight.

    Mrs Yu’s a gem. Bless her soul.


  7. Jack

    ouch.. how saddening. i offer my condolences too. rest in peace mrs yu.

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