Justice is served….

The trial of Josef Fritzl is finally underway. You may remember him as the monster of a father who imprisoned his daughter Elisabeth in the family home, unknown to the rest of the family, and for 24 years he fathered 7 children with her. One also died and another, she miscarried.

Rape, incest, coercion, sequestration… the man is a beast to do that to his own flesh and blood. Locked in the damp underbelly of the house she grew up in and subjected to such horrible torture, the poor girl must have been so broken. Not just physically, but mentally and spiritually.

Shut away behind eight doors in the cold dampy basement of the family home, Elisabeth was raped by her father right in front of her children, used as a "toy" for almost a quarter of a century... by the very man who’s supposed to love and care for her. Fritzl’s also been accused of killing one of the babies and disposing the body in a fire.

While the Austrian has pleaded guilty, I cannot but personally feel that nothing the courts could pass on him would ever be enough. I mean… Will it give Elisabeth back her life and happiness, which she was tragically robbed of? And the innocent children involved. As well as the rest of the tormented family members.

What’s even worse, Fritzl didn’t appear remorseful about the horrific things he’s done. It’s one thing what the media paints him out to be, but something else when the judge says that the man shows no guilt or regret for what he’s done over the years. Sigh.

This, is hell on earth.

I am quite affected by this particular case because it strikes me on a personal level. As a girl growing up, I had some tough times with disgusting men who think themselves as all mighty and powerful because they’re physically stronger and bigger than I was. But the honest fact was, they’re but losers in the real world – which is what really matters.

The first time I was molested, I didn’t know what to do. It never occured to me to report it, but it’s been in my memory since I was 14. The man was one of the bosses of the bookstore I worked at during the school holidays. His other business partner was just as lame – trying to touch my friends hands in pathetic attempts of palm reading. But the man who touched me, though it wasn’t a serious touch but it was still a bad touch, stopped trying to be funny after I shouted out loud. That was all I did, but I’m glad I still did.

As a teenager helping out at the Erdinger oktoberfest event years back, I was molested on the second last day of my stint as a barmaid. Mind you, this was no sleazy event – it was a properly ticketed one with everyone being professional & my uniform was a very decent below the knee covered dress, not something your heartlander Tiger Beer girls would wear *wry grin*

I felt so f*cking violated when the culprit touched me. I was talking to a nice group of locals seated near the exit and very conveniently, the 40-something year old Chinese Singaporean stuck his offending thumb and swiped it deliberately along my ass crack, as he made his way to the door.

Perhaps it was the awful childhood memory I had, but there’s just no way I was going to let his asshole get away with what he just did. Perhaps if it were some other girl he’d gotten away with it and lived to do it again and again and again. But not that night. He picked the wrong girl.

Furious at my violation, I grabbed the offended hand and twisted hard, facing him as his eyes went wide and panic swept over his face. If I had to describe my molester, I’d say he had the face of a wanker – a loser who’s probably in some middle management position and this was the only way he’d feel good about himself. Cheap thrill, but not that night. He picked the wrong girl.

The ‘live’ band was playing that moment and the speakers were loud, but the sound of the satisfying "SMACK" as my hand gave the jerk a tight slap across the face was resounding. The group I was chatting with immediately rallied around for support and alert working staff & security started to approach swiftly. The spluttering guy got it easy because I chose not to make a scene at my friend’s event but he was thrown out.

I don’t know what happened of this molester, but I do know that all his friends/ co-workers were waiting for him outside and would have witnessed his disgrace. I sincerely hope that what happened has made him embarrassed enough to realize his folly, and to never do it again. Asshole.

Anyways, that’s all past and it’s never been baggage that I’ve ever carried around (because I have my sais and katana swords for that… hahaha) but I do know that some girls would be affected but not this tough cookie. My point really is that it’s all the same… monsters like him and Fritzl make this world a less beautiful place. I hope Elisabeth Fritzl will be able to pick up the shattered pieces of her life and bravely move on.



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8 responses to “Justice is served….

  1. BeMyAngels

    I can feel the angst. That guy doesnt have a heart. He had locked her up almost her whole life! Time cannot be rewind. I just hope and pray that Elisabeth has a better life now.

  2. ZY90

    that sounds horrible what happened to you when you were a barmaid. should have done more to the guy to prevent him from doing such things in the future to other girls.

  3. Aaron

    oh my, how horrible. you should have gotten them in jail. these people should be taught manners.

  4. Will

    wah, i seriously think you should have sent them to the police. some people won’t stop at that. they will only go further if that’s the only punishment they get.

  5. eda

    These people are demons. They are the reasons for nightmares. =( No one should ever be subjected to anything like this. It is much easy to say to ‘put the past behind’ but that is no easy task. Things will never be normal for the lady, but i do hope she leads a better life now. With a sentence for the demon, at least, at the very least, i would think it is some form of closure…

  6. nyta

    these ppl are demons and losers. you were very brave. i wished i had half your bravery and courage.

  7. NewToMagic

    That happened to you?? You should have hurt him more and then call the police. Shouldn’t let the guy go scott free.

  8. Jack

    i hope he gets a death sentence. that’s really evil of me, but i really feel that he does not deserve respect as a human being. he’s just inhuman.

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