The Führer & the Singapore ERP

It’s been quite the busy day, with us having a fullhouse to perform to at the end of the evening. There were over 200 people in the club tonight, all packed to watch J C & I perform Ultimate Magic @ The Arena. I enjoyed myself tremendously – big crowds always do it for me.

Tomorrow night sees us featured on prime-time television again. Don’t forget to catch J C & yours truly in action at 9pm, Sunday night on Mediacorp’s Channel 8. We’d be performing a Jim Steinmeyer effect called Audience Acupuncture. However, no one does it like us… so tune in to check it out 😉


Yes, you’d probably seen Jack Neo’s recent film which touched on the recession but here, you have The Führer complaining passionately about sunny Singapore’s multiple ERP gantries. This is a cleaner PG take from the hilarious original here on YouTube. OMG lor 🙂 Check out the funny video by clicking on the embedded clip above – it’s definitely something everyone living on this little red dot would identify with.

Kudos to the creator who had way too much time on their hands *giggle* Wicked!!!



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8 responses to “The Führer & the Singapore ERP

  1. Mugger86

    ROTFLMAO!!!!!!! That is extremely funny. 😀 I wonder where the clip was taken from. Which World War Movie?

  2. BlueTornado

    That’s hilarious! Really good. I applaud the guy who took the time to make this.

  3. Amazzo

    Ha…. Where did you get to find that video? Really funny!! 🙂

  4. Aaron

    oh my god.. that was really lame.. seriously, the person who subbed the thing must be really free. haha..

  5. Jack

    wah, they must really hate erp.. haha.. i can’t imagine having to cycle to work next time. but it might really come true.. =X

  6. Not really as funny when you have seen the scene in the context of the movie or if you understand German.

    Movie is The Downfall.

  7. Will

    what was that? it was really funny, but quite useless. haha..

    to david: i agree with you. but it’s meant to be a joke, so take it easy.

  8. ning

    David you’re SO the film junkie 😛

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