Dinner at Covo with friends…

Work has been pretty crazy still for us at Concept:Magic, despite people saying that the economy’s in the slumps… I find myself busy with so many things to plan, execute, discuss, brainstorm, pitch, present, meetings to go for, etc… and this is just the day stuff at the office – I’m not even touching on the performance side of things yet 😛

So. It’s always something to look very much forward to, whenever I can meet the Queenies 🙂 It was thanks to my wonderful darling ‘muggle’ friends (Spanky, Nats, Kris, Jas & Pam) who helped out on Magic Day @ The Arena, which was a tremendous success. If you came by for the event, you’d seen them at the dealer booth & cashier. Or maybe not. You’ve seen the pictures… the place was simply packed to the brim with hundreds of bodies!

Them being them, they simply refused to take money despite how I tried to sneakily disguise the token as transport reimbursement/ food allowance, so I decided to take them out for a nice scrumptious dinner instead to one of my fave nooks… a hidden gem of a modern fusion restaurant called Covo Bistro at Greenwood.

Oli, the owner, was fabulous as usual and his food & service’s simply first class. I’d booked us a dinner table for 9pm but everyone was late because of work. Spanky was already fagging outside by the time I sped down from Clarke Quay right after work… while the rest came about the same time, at about 11pm!

It’s nuts if you think about it… dinner at just an hour before the stroke of midnight, but hey, what can I say. We’re all a bunch of young professionals who are really zealous about what we do – we completely love our jobs but we also love our friends. So it’s so totally the "work hard, play hard" regime for us chronic workaholics.

Anyways, I always believe: Bonding time’s good for the soul 😉 So, with fabulous company, great food and awesome drinks, wicked fushion dessert and a monster chocolate bar that was over a metre long, it was honestly the best social night out I’d had in yonks.

Yep, that’s the MONSTER-SIZED block of chocolate I purchased from the Japanese supermart in town, near where I do my nightly shows *grin* We vallantly tried eating our way through the never-ending bar but there’s only so much six people can take before being stricken with diabetes, or even worse, a nasty tooth cavity! 😛

So now, the majority of the block is lying in my fridge… along with the pints of ice-cream my friends left at my apartment. My place is so piling up with food, I’m practically bringing stuff over to the office all the time! Just like earlier this week, it was the boxes of sweet, fat and juicy Korean strawberries!

Anyways, I so love my friends – we’re all creative media & events folks with a similar sense of humor and it so helps that we enjoy the same kind of drinks & food. Our entire Covo experience was awesome and we’d be back 🙂 If you haven’t been there, you should really check it out. I so love Oli’s tapas… he’s got a wickedly delish creation of soft-shell crab with chilli crab sauce, which is like ambrosia. Awesome stuff really. The bill didn’t even come up to 400 bucks and besides food and dessert, we had sangrias and nice wine to boot!

It tickles me that Jas, Nats and Kris still remember that wretched night years ago after Jason Mraz’s first concert here, where the 4 of us had jugs and jugs of magaritas at Cafe Iguana to celebrate St Patrick’s Day, which basically lead to the very patriotic me doing the…

…at the Singapore River *wry grin* Sigh. Some stupid memories just don’t fade away!



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7 responses to “Dinner at Covo with friends…

  1. Khai85

    ha.. very patriotic. :D:D the merlion.. poor merlion. I wonder if it has already been patched up by now.

  2. pam

    can’t resist the tapas & sangria. even after a full dinner at our station’s event! 😛 yes, he’s being patched up. should be ready in abt 2 weeks i think…

  3. Amazzo

    That’s one BIG chocolate! Which shop is it from? I actually thought it was one of those toy chocolate things.

  4. BeMyAngels

    Booking at 9pm. Started arrive at 11pm. You all must be really busy. The chef or restaurant werent angry that you guys were late? Hmm.

  5. Mugger86

    Covo Bistro at Greenwood? Sounds like a really nice place to chill with friends. What food does it serve there?

  6. ning

    Oli’s a darling and he serves fantastic fusion food which really rocks 🙂 His tapas and sangrias are simply awesome…

  7. ning

    oh yeah, forgot to say… the chocolate’s real. it’s authentic meiji from japan & i got it from meidiya at liang court *grin*

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