Reddot Magic reviews Ultimate Magic Season 2

I met the creators of Red Dot Magic some time back when they interviewed both J C & I some months ago after catching us in action. This was during the first season of Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, which sees J C & I perform every night at Clarke Quay from Monday to Saturday.

The two young but resourceful lads actually reminded me of myself years back, when I was actively helping to give local magic a voice on the internet and beyond. Well-spoken, perceptive and intelligent, they were also very unassuming and humble. I see much potential in their online magic portal really *grin*

So with Magic Day which was presented by Magic Boutique just over a week ago, Vogue & Thor have very kindly posted a review of Ultimate Magic Season 2 here on Red Dot Magic 🙂 Do check it out!



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2 responses to “Reddot Magic reviews Ultimate Magic Season 2

  1. TheMystery

    Red Dot Magic rocks totally. It really is helping the magic scene here in Singapore. I hope more budding magicians get more exposure from their site. Their site is like the answer to Live n Loaded for musicians. It’s now the magicians time get exposure. 🙂

  2. ZY90

    nice review from Red Dot Magic. makes me want to go and watch Ultimate Magic. maybe soon. once season 3 is out.

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