Episode 3: 翱翔万里伍星夜 / Five Stars Carnival

Tadah!!! That’s us on prime-time television last weekend when we were featured as the opening act, once again on Mediacorp TV’s Channel 8. Catch us in action every Sunday evening at 9pm on 翱翔万里伍星夜 aka Five Stars Carnival! The embedded video clip above is episode 3 of 5… don’t miss the next 2 episodes 😉

This particular illusion is called REVO-LLUSION, a super-cool modern-day illusion involving a giant industrial fan that stands over 8 feet tall and weighs more than 250kg. No kidding. The huge spinning blades are real solid metal, so it’s completely examinable.

So just how on earth does J C manage to pass his body through these lethal spinning blades of death? Well, that’s magic for you 😉

Revo-llusion is designed by who else but J C Sum, my totally brill onstage partner who’s certainly made a name for himself, as the voice of Asia when it comes to professional illusion design in our industry. The man’s got many well-written books out in the market, in the secret world of magic folk anyways, and all to rave reviews.

We perform this (and a whole bunch of contemporary illusions, magic and escapes) every night at Ultimate Magic, Singapore’s first permanent illusion show, at The Arena in Clarke Quay. As you know, this unique 16 month long project runs all the way to 2010 and is proudly endorsed by the Singapore Tourism Board as a local attraction 🙂

Ultimate Magic @ The Arena is an hour of non-stop entertainment, which exclusively features our brand of ‘urban illusions in the city’… so hey – if you have yet to check it out, do swing by soon – and come by with friends or family *grin* The more the merrier!!!



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7 responses to “Episode 3: 翱翔万里伍星夜 / Five Stars Carnival

  1. Whodunnit

    I love that pose of Magic Babe Ning and the fan. Looks really great and inspiring. Like any minute something is going to happen. 😀

  2. BeMyAngels

    Episode 3 is wonderful. Too bad its only one magic this episode. :S 2 more episodes left… so sad…

  3. ZY90

    OooOo. That was an eyeopener.. How did he go through it? Must be magic..

  4. Aaron

    hmm.. this time only one illusion. but it was great! i like the way jc sum just appears out of nowhere!

  5. Will

    i wonder why they are always dressed like army personnel. is it like a show for army people? or is it just for fun?

  6. xyz

    Why only 5 episodes??? MORE! When will you have a TV series Ning? 🙂

  7. Jack

    whew, finally got back from malaysia. luckily somebody got it on youtube, or i would have missed it. great magic, as usual!

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