Ali Bongo, RIP

It is a sad, sad day for the magic world today. The wonderful Ali Bongo has passed away, at aged 79.

A true master magician, he was a likeable genius who invented many magic effects, and was also president of The Magic Circle. Some may even remember Ali Bongo as the English magician who challenged Uri Gellar publically in the early 1970s, to prove that the self-proclaimed psychic with powers of spoon bending, telekinesis and other mental abilities, was a lying fraud.

This morning, a few close magic friends talked about this tragic loss to me… some remembered Ali Bongo on television, others (like myself) had read and  heard so much about him. He apparently had an encyclopedic knowledge of magic and was blessed with wicked comedic timing and humor.

I’ve never had the chance to see Ali Bongo perform but so many have commented that his ‘Shriek of Araby’ act was a masterclass in entertaining. It’s also common knowledge that he’s also helped build the careers of several high-profiled magicians, way before Criss Angel & David Blaine came on to the scene.

The magic world has lost a gem. Rest in peace, dearest Ali Bongo… Your legacy lives on



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5 responses to “Ali Bongo, RIP

  1. Ade

    Yes this is truly sad. 😦 I thought i heard news that he was getting better. One more of the magic legend and greats has passed on…

  2. Alvin Terence

    He made a lasting legacy. RIP Ali Bongo.

  3. Mugger86

    Thats sad man. Although I dont know him I must say that it must be sad for the magic community.

  4. NewToMagic

    sounds like a sad news for everyone in the magic industry. 😦

  5. Whodunnit

    When anyone passes on, its a sad news. I can imagine that Ali Bongo’s passing on will affect the magic community greatly.

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