Syd Field’s Screenwriting Masterclass 2/2

What an amazing session it was! Today saw Day 2 aka the last day of Syd Field‘s screenwriting masterclass & you can be sure that I felt real sorry that it’s all over 😦 His students at USC are just so lucky!!! I had plans on going there after graduating from film school here, but I guess, fate and destiny had other plans for me. LOL…

To be honest – I felt every bit the fan girl, getting the kind man to sign on my copy of his book and taking a picture with Syd at the end of class today… all because of Pam’s cajoling *wry grin* Everyone who attended the intensive screenwriting masterclass went home with a diploma too! I wonder if people would actually use this for their CV/ resumes…

Screenwriting is an art, very much so like magic. So I had to ask Syd during the Q&A on his personal take of Kaufman’s "Being John Malkovich" – which is something film junkies like me and my peers appreciate but the complexly weird movie just didn’t seem to go down very well with typical lay audiences. If you’ve watched the film, you’d realise it’s hard to explain what’s it about in just one sentence.

I kinda equate it to something a magician’s magician would be strongly passionate about – an underground sleight of an extremely advanced technical nature, which would instill respect from peers who understand the superb skill involved. Yet, will it serve the function of real audience entertainment? That is the point, isn’t it?

Syd’s clever answer pleased me and again, set the wheels in my head moving. It’s something to chew on and waaaaaaaaay too lengthy to write here. But one thing I can say is this… man, I love his brains.


To be a good writer, you need to understand life – people, situations, conflict, drama, characters, characterizations, psychology, the circle of being… and so much more. When you effectively use the tools of screenwriting with all that researched info and a stunning, brilliant idea – a miracle is in your hands.

If you’re a budding screenwriter, do pick up Syd Field’s books – they are savvy gems to invest in, I tell you. Or if you’re a poor film student on a shoe-string budget (been there, done that), check out his informative website first for free writing exercises and other goodies @

One thing’s for sure… I’ll never watch movies the same way again. And I suddenly feel all hyped up to write again, maybe even work on a film project again 🙂 Gosh… inspiration’s just flowing through my veins! As exhausted as I am because this has been a crazy and busy weekend without rest, I’m just so thrilled and happy that I could participate in this awesome masterclass *grin* Thanks BFF!!!

PS: Don’t forget – J C & yours truly are once again on Mediacorp Channel 8’s "Five Stars Carnival" aka 翱翔万里伍星夜 at 9pm tonight… don’t miss it 😉 This particular episode sees us presenting REVO-LLUSION, an all original and unique grand illusion involving a heavy-duty giant industrial fan. Tell me what you  think!



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6 responses to “Syd Field’s Screenwriting Masterclass 2/2

  1. Khai85

    even magicians dont stop studying and learning. And its your weekend man. haaa.. All work and no play makes one a dull person…

  2. ZY90

    I love that illusion. The Revo-llusion. Its simply big and awesome..

  3. Amazzo

    Is the diploma useful in CVs? Just wondering cause its a 2 day course thingy..

  4. Nat B

    I had Ed screaming at lunch today envying what a lucky girl you were to have attended this Masterclass, and after reading your entry, I must say…WOW!!! Lucky lucky lucky. I’m glad to know you enjoyed every bit of it! Love ya.

  5. Jiahui

    haha eh cool my friend in mass comm went to attend his workshop or something that was held in NP. and he won that book too!

  6. Jack

    wow, does that picture mean you got a diploma by attending a 2 day course? that means he must really be so good! amazing guy..

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