Syd Field’s Screenwriting Masterclass 1/2

Syd Field‘s in town!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 Omg. I so love this guy – he’s THE modern-day guru of screenplays & any self-worthy film student or connoisseur would have heard his name and read his books. So I was so extremely thrilled when Pam shared that my veteran screenwriting superhero would be in Singapore for his first ever Asian workshop tour!

Called "the guru of all screenwriters" by CNN & "the most sought-after screenwriting teacher in the world" by The Hollywood Reporter, Syd Field’s 2 day masterclass cost S$450.00 per pax at the door, but it’s definitely worth every cent and dollar. The resourceful BFF got us complimentary tix tho… WOOHOO!

Today was Day 1 of the masterclass and I swear, the man’s amazing. I’ve had studied under several teachers before in film school but in just these few short hours (9am to 6pm) with Syd, he’s definitely proved himself to be the absolute best. Time flew by way too fast however, but I was pleasantly amazed by the amount of information I’d scribbled into the trusty new notebook I specially got for the session.

After today’s session, I realised that I really missed film school. Or at least, the bits that had to do with writing 🙂 Syd’s an excellent teacher with an intense amount of knowledge and gems of vast experience. I felt so incredibly inspired at the end of Day 1… actually flipping through the colorful, scribbled pages of my notebook as I left the campus for town, on my way to work.

After tonight’s performance of Ultimate Magic @ The Arena, which was wonderfully received by a mixed audience consisting of tourists from all over the world & local Singaporeans, it was (yet another) mad rush to the Ritz Carlton where J C & I were booked for a stage illusion gig by UOB Kay Hian.

They were a great crowd and I really enjoyed performing for them as J C & I effectively reached out to the entire ballroom, despite initial technical difficulties from the AV console. Both event producer and client were pleased with our corporate gig on stage, so it was all good 😉

Tomorrow sees Day 2 of the intensive full day screenwriting masterclass, and I’m so looking forward to it. It’s been a long, tiring day so I guess it’s ta for now more later… G’nite!



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5 responses to “Syd Field’s Screenwriting Masterclass 1/2

  1. BeMyAngels

    Film Maker Cum Magician. Wah. 😀 When will it be your turn to be on tv with your own Magic Special episode. 😉

  2. Khai85

    So when will we be seeing your films? maybe somewhere in the near future? “Written by Magic Babe Ning” that would be interesting…

  3. ZY90

    that sounds a fun workshop. how did your friend get complimentary tickets to such an event man? super resourceful!! 😀 I need to find a friend like that..

  4. Amazzo

    you guys seems to like rushing to places a lot.. whats your ippt/napha test 2.4km timing? Sure gold timing. haa

  5. Aaron

    wow, ritz carlton again! i’ve only been there once! i wanna be a magician too!! :p

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